ROPE Rope Series-Couple weaving custom sterling silver ring

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Handmade sterling silver woven ring is customized, the opening and closing style can be slightly adjusted, and the private style can be customized.


ROPE Rope Series-Couple weaving custom sterling silver ring


"Gathering and forming, twisting and twisting, sometimes turning, interrupting each other, and then connecting again. This is time, which is" connection "." The process of weaving rope from generation to generation is a skill with divine power, which reflects the state of time passing. Wrapping sterling silver threads together to imitate the combination of ropes is also a kind of connection. It is a kind of connection that connects people and people, and you and me. Furthermore, it connects people with everything, time and space. I wish my little handwork could guard the red line connected to each other. *Product name* Series woven custom sterling silver ring **Texture** 925 sterling silver **size** Small ring body width about 0.3-0.4cm Thick ring body width of about 0.5-0.6cm Is the best gift for boyfriend girlfriend girlfriend Suitable for Valentine's Day gifts **Ring around** The ring measurement tools of various manufacturers will be a little bit wrong To avoid final round-trip modifications and additional costs After order confirmation Our shop will send samples of ring Wai to guests The customers will start making samples after sending back the samples. * Note that the knuckles must be able to pass * Please abstain from around 4-6PM in the evening, because this time refers to the maximum * The length of the finger girth varies with the season, and the temperature varies, so it is normal to wear it between your fingers. (If you need to modify the ring, you will need additional costs) **Package contents** 1. Silver wipes (first purchase / gift order) 2. Seal the bag 3. Maintenance instructions To support environmental protection and avoid wasting resources List the "Remarks" when ordering**Support customers with environmental protection, simple packaging**(non-box) You will get**discount discounts**for next time shopping in this shop ^^ If more than one similar order is placed in the same box Unless specifically requested otherwise Need more than one box for gifts, please add the following link Except for environmentally friendly packaging, other packaging is selected according to inventory, replacement without notice **Maintenance method** Precautions for sterling silver maintenance Wipe with a silver cloth 2. Put it in a sealed bag to isolate the air after use 3. Often worn on the body, body fat can nourish silver jewelry 4. Severe oxidation can be wiped with toothpaste and water Do not wear it when you are in the hot spring (containing sulfur)! Avoid cleaning agents (acids will corrode metals) Both sterling silver and wax ropes can be bathed in water Just wipe it off after applying water If the oxidation becomes dark, use the included silver wipe to wipe back the light. The only thing to avoid is hot springs PS: Silver can test poison Some people turn black after wearing silver Prove that the human body is acidic I have to pay attention to work, diet, mood -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------ Designer Introduction Eddie Wong-Born in Hong Kong, mother is Taiwanese. He is good at multi-languages, and once worked as a full-time model and served as a flight attendant of Korean companies, and cultivated a certain sense of beauty and international outlook. After moving to Taiwan in 2013, in order to realize the artistic dream, he stepped up to become a goldsmith and silversmith. The eponymous brand "IDYLLIC LOVE" was founded in 2015, and has become one of the most popular personal silver jewelry brands on the PINKOI platform by its own efforts, with customers in Asia and around the world. Just obtained the Class B certificate of "Gold and Silver Jewelry Processing" from Taiwan, and the technology has been greatly improved. The next goal is to set up a personal semi-open studio, hoping to enjoy creative freedom and communicate with guests while promoting the brand to more and more places through the Internet. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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