Cambridge Duke double-breasted pet trench coat - dog / cat suitable [ZAZAZOO]

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Classic plaid is a permanent unbeaten element in the fashion world. ZAZAZOO selects soft, wear-resistant and washable plaid fabrics, hand-made into pet British windbreaker, creating a classic and elegant retro British style; whether it is cat, dog or rabbi



Cambridge Duke double-breasted pet trench coat - dog / cat suitable [ZAZAZOO]


【product content】 Double-breasted trench coat x 1 ZAZAZOO's classic windbreaker look and understated luxury lining make the plaid control crazy. In addition, the double-row gold buckle design inspired by the British guard uniforms adds to the pet's extravagant style❤️❤️❤️ With the bow tie, it instantly became a British gentleman, and the windbreaker was worn in turn and it was another kind of elegant wind. [Each size neck comparison table] In order to unify the size of the brand, the size of the cape series is slightly adjusted: please confirm that the size of the order is correct. 2XS: neck circumference 20-24 cm Suitable for pets: cat, chihuahua, Yorkshire, Marz, puppies, etc. XS: neck circumference 25-31 cm Suitable for pets: fat cat, fat chihuahua, fat Yorkshire, fat Marzis, and other small dogs. S: neck circumference 32-37 cm Applicable pets: sausage, VIP, Schnauzer, etc. M: neck circumference 38-43 cm Applicable pets: large sausage, Miguel, Shiba Inu. L: neck circumference 44-48 cm Applicable pets: Keji, Fadou, Xile, and earth dogs. XL: neck circumference 54-58 cm Applicable pets: Scott, Golden Retriever, Labrador. Size recommendations are for reference only, please measure neck circumference/hair volume first to ensure proper size 【Instructions for use】 This product is fixed with a devil felt/adhesive tape, so the neck circumference can be adjusted by 2-3 cm. 【Material Description】 Cotton cloth [Cleaning method] 1. In order to facilitate the owner's cleaning, carefully select the fabrics made in Taiwan. If there is any dirt, you can wash it with a brush and detergent. After washing, dry it in a ventilated place. 2. To prevent the metal parts from rusting, please store them in a dry and cool place and store them in a place with low humidity. [ZAZAZOO online purchase return conditions] Can accept the order, thank you for your cooperation! (1) Since pet accessories are contact products, they will not be accepted for return unless they are sold out. Please be sure to confirm the size of the baby before purchase! Please forgive me. Can accept the purchase order, thank you! (2) The replacement goods must be complete (including the goods themselves, the outer box and all accessories, and the outer box packaging) and be accompanied by the return shipping; if the returned goods themselves or accessories, outer boxes, etc. are incomplete, they will not be accepted for replacement. (3) If the gift that comes with the goods is not returned, the return application will not be accepted. (4) The new product will only accept one return service. If you want to return the goods for the second time, please bear the return shipping cost. If there is a gift, it must be returned together with the goods within seven days from the date of receipt. Exceeding the time will not be accepted. (5) If there are too many returns due to personal factors, ZAZAZOO will suspend or terminate all or part of your shopping and service eligibility in accordance with the Terms of Service, please forgive me. (6) If you have not picked up the goods at the designated place for any reason, the goods will be returned after the pickup time is exceeded. In order to receive the goods as soon as possible, please place the order again and pay the postage of the last shipment. We will confirm it. , deliver the item to your designated location as soon as possible. [Place of Origin / Manufacturing Method] Made in Taiwan handmade ZAZAZOO products are hand-cut, so the texture distribution of each product is unique, so you can't specify the requirements of texture symmetry.


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