Draw your face - banana star's customized portrait phone case / air pressure shell

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Here is the customized portrait phone case of banana star~(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) Drawing with the hand-painted Q version of the banana star~ There is a single person portrait, a bust of one person, and a half-length double portrait. The mobile phone case is a transpa


Draw your face - banana star's customized portrait phone case / air pressure shell


The customized portrait phone of the banana star came ~ (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) At present, the electric painting is first opened to test the water temperature. But it will still be drawn in the style of the hand-painted Q version of the banana star~ There are**single person avatar**,**one person bust**, There are also**half-length doubles**to choose from. Give it to yourself or dear, he/she is very suitable, Is it a gift for personal use? (There are two discounts for the half-length double ~ two take away 1500$ together and your dear one/her one, one feeling is not lost ~ ̇ 3 ̇) Please read the following instructions when you are ready 👇 🌟Mobile phone case is always air pressure air cushion shell ✦ Four sides of the innovative energy absorption buffer structure, effectively alleviate the impact of the fall on the mobile phone, giving the fuselage all-round protection. Anti-shock and anti-drop ability is more advanced, 360 degree full coverage without dead ends~ The following are models that can be selected. Please note the model you want to make when ordering~ (If you can't find your model, you can ask if I have made it~) ✨iPhone I5 / SE / i6 / i6s I6plus / i6s plus / i7 / i7plus / i8 / i8plus ✨HTC D825 / D10 / D10u / D10 lifestyle / D728 A9 / D830 / M10 / X9 / D10 pro / 10 evo U play / U11 / X10 / M9 ✨SAMSUNG S8 / S8+ / C9 pro / A5-2017 A7-2017 / A7-2016 / J7 / J7pro / J7-2016 A8-2016 / NOTE4 / NOTE5 J5 prime / J2 prime / J7 prime S7 / S7 edge / J5-2016 ✨SONY XC / XZS / XA U / XA XP / X / ZX p / Z5 / Z5 plus XA1 / XA1 ✨OPPO R9 / R9plus / R9s /R9s plus A57 / F1s / A77 / R11 ✨ASUS ZD551kl / ZC551kl / ZE550kl / ZS550kl ZE552kl / ZC520tl / ZS570kl / ZE520kl ZE553kl / ZB552kl / ZB501kl / ZS571kl ZC553kl / ZB500kl Xiaomi Red rice note4x / red rice note4 / millet max2 ✨nokia6 🌟**Ordering Steps -** 1. After paying the order, please give me 2 to 5 front photos of the person to be painted. (Five features are clear, you can't cut your head, don't have special effects, and the light is brighter!) 2, tell me the details to pay attention to (such as the color of hair, clothes, etc.) 3. Tell me if I want to add a name~ (Chinese and English can be) 4, the background wants what color (the background is monochrome, the last picture can choose the color. Can tell me the small symbols you want to add - such as love, stars, will add to go ~) 5, waiting for the mobile phone shell printing to be delivered to your hands :) 🌟Pet can also draw ~ Billing method Portrait is the same as portrait ~ 🌟 Very important considerations! 1, all**after the payment start drawing**, there is no option to pick up payments 2,**Customer goods production period is about 15 to 35 days, do not pick up urgent items!** 3, after reading the draft can modify the fine-tuning once, after the completion can not be modified 啰 ~ 4. Please choose to draw a single head, a half body or a half body when placing an order. If you need to draw more than two people, whole body or special needs, please discuss with me~:) 5. This price is the drawing fee + printing fee. It does not include copyright and copyright. Please do not modify, reproduce, or use the work for commercial purposes such as logo, advertisement, and text. For commercial use, please quote the designer. Come and tell me - if it is not true, we will take legal action 6, the customer does not return after the payment of the goods 7, the product photos are only for reference, will be drawn in this style, the actual product color will be different due to printing and each screen display color 8. Banana Star will share the works on the major social websites (FB, IG, Pinkoi, etc.) for reference. If you are more shy, you can tell me first~ 9. This is the price of the mobile phone case. It does not include the image file. If you need to create a file or make other products (breast, mobile phone case), please place another order. Image file: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/b56ivMgd Badge: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/j57Tx86H?category=3 Stickers: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/DWK8RFyM 10,**Please be aware of the message (receipt 匣)**after placing the order, and will discuss the production details, confirmation draft and completion map with you. Confirm the completion of the map and send it to the manufacturer. Thank you for reading these, I hope you will like it, let the figure of banana star accompany your life~( ́ ̆ `♡)


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