14kgold Real Gold Small Gold Lettering Bracelet

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14kgold Real Gold Small Gold Lettering Bracelet


14k real gold thin bracelet, a little more gentle than sterling silver Often I hear gold-plated, gold-plated, brass or alloy plating. In terms of 14k, many say 14k, most of them are just plated. It is similar to plating on the surface. , And the focus is on the metal material inside! Everyone should pay attention to what material is to be electroplated. Gold is dense, soft, and resistant to corrosion, and it has the highest ductility of any known metal. K gold refers to a precious metal that is smelted together with other metals. Due to the soft nature of gold, it is not suitable for setting gems. Therefore, metals such as silver and copper are usually added to increase its strength and toughness. The precious metal thus made is called "K Gold". 14K is a 58.5% (14/24) gold content. This grade has a fairly good balance of gloss and firmness. According to the amount of gold: 18k 14k 9k, there are different color performance, the overall material is gold, the price is far from cheap jewelry, there will be no fade or allergies. -⠀⠀ Delicate lines for elegance in every hand movement The sterling silver soft chain is very comfortable and can be worn without removing it It is not obtrusive with other accessories For you who like simplicity - │size│ The size of the bracelet is customized, please choose according to the following steps: 1. Measure the length of the hand circumference tightly around the wrist with a tape measure, and then `` plus '' the appropriate length you choose below. For example: my hand circumference is 14cm, and I want to choose a point (hand circumference size + 0.5cm) is 14 + 0.5cm Write this size information in a note and provide it to the designer. (Make sure to measure it like this, if it is not added, we will not know if this size has been added, it may be different due to this) 2. Please choose what kind of feeling you want to wear when placing an order. Three options are provided according to our feelings, but the feelings are subjective, so you should still measure according to your own situation! ● Loose, drape (hand circumference size + 1cm) ● Slightly close (hand circumference size + 0.5cm) ● More fit (hand circumference size) The above length does not add the length of the buckle, which is about 1cm. If none of the above options are desired, you can choose: ● Custom length And leave in the remarks the entire length of the bracelet including the buckle __cm (not including the small brand behind) - Bracelet full length greater than 17.5 The price is 3700 (So is the anklet) - Please read the method of measuring the size carefully. If it does not match after receiving, you need to modify the hand circumference. The price is: round-trip freight + modification fee. - │Add purchase│ The small plate can be engraved with 5-6 English letters. The more the number of words is, the smaller the number will be. The following font options are provided. Please note the lettering content and font selection in the order when placing the order. If you do not add lettering, one side of the nameplate is blank and the other side of the nameplate is a logo. Lettering plus purchase: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/yGqCEMnV . Font selection: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49259468162_afc0745313_b.jpg . The 14k bracelet comes with free carton packaging, which is suitable for personal use or gift giving. . │Add purchase packaging│ Handmade beech wooden box. Ring box https://www.pinkoi.com/product/p66XzYBT . │Material│ 14k Yellow Gold │Cautions│ The chain is meticulous. It will fit along the wrist when worn, but it cannot be broken by force. The external force may cause the bracelet to extend and lengthen. Wipe it with a silver cloth and wipe it gently on the table. If the broken or stretched length needs to be repaired, a bracelet provides a repair (because the bracelet is made in a special way and there is no way to re-weld, it is necessary to redo one). The exact cost of repair is charged according to the situation.


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