Want Coffee Honduras Finca Lacus Fine Coffee Beans 200g 100g Lug Coffee Powder

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Flavor notes: plumeria, bergamot, green tea! The clean flavor of the coffee beans is washed out with clear water. The roasting beanman gently roasted the fresh and moving coffee of Sachimo with a light roasting power. You will smell quite charming floral and bergamot flavor, with a little acidity , The ending rhyme is slightly more like a tea aftertaste, giv


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Want Coffee Honduras Finca Lacus Fine Coffee Beans 200g 100g Lug Coffee Powder


**In response to the recent growth of coffee bean orders, hot beans are prepared in advance, beans are freshly roasted, and the stock is freshly roasted within 3 days** https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/5879848/image0.jpg?ts=114045 Flavor notes | Frangipani, bergamot, green tea Incense | Citrus Floral Alcohol | refreshing Sweet | sweet tea Acid | comfortable low acidity Bitter | not bitter Region: Honduras Variety: Sarchimor Altitude: 1700 meters Treatment method: washing Baking degree: shallow baking Honduras, located in Central America, started producing more coffee than Guatemala in 2011, and became the country with the largest coffee production in Central America. It is also in the top ten in the world's coffee production rankings, but in daily life Every time we walk into the cafe or browse the coffee bean list, we seem to be quite new to it (?). Therefore, in order to dedicate to everyone who loves early adopters, this time we specially picked a good quality coffee bean from Honduras, and decided to launch it and share it with everyone after drinking it! In the past few years, Honduras coffee has been sold to Europe (especially Germany) because it is loved by Europeans. Generally speaking, the coffee in this country ’s production area is quite dazzling in its mellowness and sweetness.**taste is not astringent and sour, with multi-level changes of fruits, nuts and toffee, it is a very personal coffee bean.** If you are also looking for coffee with different flavors from other regions, and want to try a special coffee, then why not have a cup of Honduras coffee! **Tips-About "Sarchimor"** In the world of fine coffee-Arabica coffee beans, you may have heard about Ethiopian native species, geisha (rose summer), Tiberica, Bourbon ... etc., But "Sarchimor" ? What it is? Try to think of Arabica as a big tree, and the variety of coffee beans is like a branch on the trunk. In addition to natural varieties, as well as artificial cultivation, there are really many worlds of coffee beans, and just this Finca Lacus belongs to the bean species "Sarchimor", which also gives us the opportunity to introduce it a bit and introduce ourselves: Sakimo (Sachimo, Sachimo, both are called), comes from a bean variety bred from "Vila Saki" and "Timo", has good disease resistance, and is mainly distributed after breeding To coffee growing countries such as Central America, South America and Brazil. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49520143832_9cbfe0e386_c.jpg Hi, Nice to meet you and want coffee series. Specialty coffee is a manor-grade top coffee that we have selected through rigorous cup testing. As lovers and addicts of specialty coffee, we very much enjoy tasting the flavor changes of different coffee beans. You guys share. In addition to 200g / 100g coffee beans, we also provide "Coffee ear bag (12g) x 10 in" and "Coffee powder carry bag (15g) x 10 in". It is really convenient and simple to want a good cup of coffee in the office. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49520152597_425da58585_c.jpg **Brewing recommendations** Powder to water ratio: 1:16 Grinding degree: moderate grinding Recommended water temperature: about 90-92 degrees C **About Wanted Coffee** **Meet all the desires of city travelers** The two good friends have been in the technology industry for nearly 15 years, travel more than 50 countries, more than 100 cities, and work slots are always spent in cafes; each cafe has a unique personality, casual, elegant , Tranquility, vitality, mystery, like the epitome of a city. After establishing Wanted Coffee, we hope to share the experience and state of mind of past city trips with the coffee vocabulary on the coffee flavor wheel to share with all coffee lovers: bright and clear fruity aroma, sweet after rhyme after the throat, reminding the traveler to be present A city full of surprises and romance; the light and elegant floral fragrance and delicate silk-like taste make the submerged soul wander in the mood of poetry and Zen; the mellow caramel drupe flavor and creamy smooth entrance accumulate your exploration and exploration Life energy and enthusiasm. We are all travelers who travel in this city. Sometimes we need coffee to wake up and take the next route. Sometimes we need coffee to relieve the restlessness and fatigue of the body; To refresh the case with coffee. You said that 1/3 of life is allocated to working time, and the remaining 2/3 is scattered. I think it is time to settle down and find the lost 2/3 life through a cup of coffee. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49520143737_6daa82fa8a_b.jpg **Precautions** Please note that the appreciation period is not a trial period. The appreciation period is within 7 days of receipt of the product (including holidays). The returned product must be in a new and complete state (no unsealing or damp), otherwise it will not be possible to process the return.


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