Gatsby Fedora Panama Hat

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The Panama hat is praised as the most beautiful straw hat in the world. The real pedigree is produced in Ecuador. In the


Gatsby Fedora Panama Hat


Purchase considerations:
Based on hygiene principles, hats are worn for personal use and will not be returned after sale. Please consider carefully before purchasing.
Because the hats are all hand-knitted, the sizes will be slightly different. When ordering, please help note the size of the head circumference.
So that we can help you choose the appropriate cap size before shipping
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

The Panama hat is praised as the most beautiful straw hat in the world. The real pedigree is produced in Ecuador.
In the 19th century, Panama was mainly a major supplier to Europe.
Panama brings the hat crafts of Ecuador into Europe and the United States, but in the United States its name is Panama.
Its characteristics of light and breathable are more angels under the summer sun

The classic white black wrought belt with charming and practical features is more liked by fashion circles and celebrities
2017 Chanel's holiday series can be seen in the show on the top models wearing Panama hats
All the Panama hats are woven by hand. The higher the density, the higher the density
This wonderful Panama hat is carefully packed in craftsman far from Ecuador to BONBONMIHA.
The delicate and elegant white image in the unpacking reveals the light from the box.
The charming orthodox Panama hat is an essential cap that is indispensable for hat control.

Name of Product: Gatsby Fedora Panama Hat
Material: natural toquilla
Place of Origin: made in Ecuador
Maintenance methods: Panama hats can be rolled into collections. Cooperative companies from Ecuador: Hats produced by them can all be collected, but it is not recommended. Because the time is long, affected by the climate, the best hat grass will gradually Loss of moisture, long-term recoiling will affect the life of the hat, please hang or flat to avoid compression storage, please remember to put it in a ventilated place on rainy days, you can maintain the best use of the Pak Hat.

This paragraph is a classic Fedora hat section.
The central convex island of the teardrop-shaped depression that is unique to the top of the cap.
Deeply loved by the British royal family, Prince Edward.
Fedora hats are often worn in public places.
Leading a wave of fashion, it is also the preferred cap for gentlemen in classic movies.
This hood can be easily controlled either in formal or casual fashion.
The Fedora that was dropped into the cap of the Panama Hat is definitely the first choice for the entry.
The more notable mention of Fedora was the early term that appeared in the French dramatist Vitorien Sardou in 1882.
In the drama "Fédora" written by the artist, the actress is a lover of fashion, and there is a princess of Fedora who likes to be handsome in her dress.
During the period, the cap worn by the actress also symbolizes the beginning of the independence and autonomy of women's rights. The cap section is named after "Fedora".

Every Panama hat is made out of rigorous hand-weaving in Ecuador
The degree of weaving is very detailed

Panama hat maintenance method:
● The hat is sweating when worn, and the sweat belt (the fabric on the inner edge of the hat) is the most likely to be dirty. Here's how to share the cleanliness:
1, can be easily maintained with a simple cleansing cotton dipped in some traces of alcohol content of lotion, tap the sweat belt for surface cleaning.
2. If you are experiencing serious sweating or if you come into cosmetics, clean your hands with a clean towel or a soft, soft-bristled toothbrush and gently dilute the diluted, non-irritating cleansing agent (such as shampoo, shower gel, soap, etc.).
Gently wipe or slowly scrub the surface dirt.
3, hat afraid of moisture, so be careful when cleaning one side, be sure to put a clean dry towel or strong absorbent paper towels, lining under the sweatband (to avoid direct contact with the water to the grass), 遂 a partial clean.
4, after the cleaning is completed, be sure to put sweat on the extra water with a dry towel or paper towel to fully dry, and then put the hat in the shade and dry
5, Please note that do not use a hair dryer to blow dry, especially the part of the Panama hat grass, to avoid deformation of the hat due to hot and humid environment.

● Any precious handmade cap must be avoided under wet conditions, and the cap must not be exposed to the rain. The fibers of Panama will shrink when it meets water, and if it is serious, it will be deformed or reduced.

If you do not accidentally spill into the emergency treatment of the rain:
1, first use a dry towel or paper towel to lightly absorb the water above.
2, please put it in the shade and dry place, open the air conditioner or blow it dry with electric fan.
3, If you use a dehumidifier, do not dehumidify it for a long period of time. The fibers of rabbits and caps must be embrittled. Do not use a heater or a hair dryer to avoid damage to the cap.

● How to store Panama Hats:
1, the dust bag will be attached with the goods, usually can be closed in the dust bag to avoid the braided cap area dust, please pay attention to ventilation.
2, afraid of hat deformation can be stuffed with rice paper or clean cloth inside the cap.
3, Avoid placing in a confined space, so as to avoid dark spots in the hat caused by wet weather.
3, hats can not be placed in the car, long exposure directly under the window in the sun, the Panama hat will be dry, the fiber will become fragile.
Origin / manufacturing methods


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