Pineapple dried fruit good fruit gift box (no added)

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! ! Note: In response to friendly agriculture, the fruit used in this product is “fruit”! ! Made from Taiwanese gold diamond pineapple. Hand-washed, carefully sliced, and then made in 18 hours of low-temperature baking, so that the whole pineapple's s


20g x 4


Pineapple dried fruit good fruit gift box (no added)


|歪果再生计划| "This can't be sold, because it's a special product!" The fruit grower held a small fruit on his hand, and said with a tone of help: "These fruits that cannot enter the market are called capsules, or special products. They may be appearances." Long spots, too thick, too big or too small." Just because they do not meet the grading specifications of the market acquisition, they are excluded by the market and become a secondary product in the eyes of farmers. The amount of fruit that is difficult to enter the market is difficult to estimate in most cases. Even farmers do not have a way to calculate it clearly. For farmers, the most cost-effective way to distribute these fruits is to give them to relatives and friends, as fertilizer, or even to discard them. In response, several young people founded the "fruit island" and proposed the "fruit reproduction plan", starting from "every fruit is worth cherishing", combined with agricultural processing, film shooting, article writing, etc. "Transformation of tangible and intangible values" not only allows consumers to understand the consequences, but also creates new possibilities for them. Guoyu is committed to the acquisition of capsules, processing the capsules into dried fruit and jam packaging into the market. In addition, the relationship between fruit islands and cooperative small farmers is not only a weak relationship between upstream and downstream transactions. The team visited the farms on site and made short filmings. It is hoped that the humanities stories behind each farmland will be seen by more people. ------------------------------------- "Others are coming, but I only have Wang Wang." Double-headed pineapple, three-headed pineapple, headless pineapple, Big pineapple, small pineapple, pineapple that is not yellow robe, They taste the same, just a few more heads. Their blessings may be more than ordinary pineapples! ------------------------------------- Made from Taiwanese gold diamond pineapple. Hand-washed, carefully sliced, and then made in 18 hours of low-temperature baking, so that the whole pineapple's sweetness is completely preserved in the dried fruit. Suggested food consumption: Eat directly, or eat with salad, if it is soaked in water, tea is also quite flavorful! Suggested storage method: Please keep it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight. Please eat as soon as possible after opening. Raw material origin: Taiwan Ingredients: Pineapple Content weight: 80g ± 3% Best taste period: 60 days (unopened) Packing size: 10x10x6 cm |About Guoyu good island| Guoyu regards “taking agriculture as the root and taking fruit as the foundation” as the original intention and concept of the brand. It cooperates with small farmers in Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Pingtung to purchase and sell unsatisfactory fruits and over-produced fruits as products. Raw materials, dried products, jams and other commodities are used as the carrier of ideas, and land stories are posted on the website through additional intangible value (story packaging), and it is hoped that the public will have a better understanding of the humanities stories that have taken place on this land in Taiwan. Since the library does not meet the turnover standards stipulated by the State Administration of Taxation, it is in compliance with the requirement to open a unified invoice or official receipt. If you need to open a unified editor and receipt, please consider it before you buy it, thank you! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / Fruit Island Production


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