Littdlework embroidered small badge - Hemex coffee maker

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Taiwan brand established by Hong Kong girls, 100% Taiwan original embroidery badge



littdlework ショップへ

Littdlework embroidered small badge - Hemex coffee maker


/ About Littdlework

▲ Littdlework is a Taiwanese brand established by Hong Kong girls,
Embroidery for the center, design unique ornaments.

Littdlework is a combination of two elements Little and Needlework.

▲ Needlework on behalf of the embroidery, sewing;

Embroidery is like life,
With a stitch
With time and patience
In the blank cloth stab on the beautiful patterns.

▲ Littdle represents small me, small things;

Have seen this world, only to find myself so small.
Starting from Littdlework,
Hope that by this little brand, little things,
Achieve my great ideal.

/ About Designer - Meteor

▲ since 2013, I really like a person traveling around,
During the trip, I will use illustrations to record everything I saw.
After graduation, I went to Taiwan's island alone,
Later, because of falling in love with the cultural and creative atmosphere here,
Later opened a cultural and creative store in Taipei,
Also set up their own illustration and embroidery jewelry brand.

/ Meteor want to say

▲ My design focuses on memory and human links.

Camera, coffee, stationery will make you think of a friend?
Zhi Zhi bag may be your link to the 嬷,
Datong electric cooker will make you think of a foreign country, a meal cooked by mom?
Pearl milk tea, dumpling soup is a traveler's connection to the "Taiwan" memories,
This is the original design of Littdlework.

/ Embroidery small badge is how to make it?

▲ From this idea,
We started looking for embroidery factory in Taipei,
(Because we want to be able to personally monitor the production process)
Time and again with the manufacturers to modify the design and pattern making,
It took a full six months to smooth production.

▲ factory owner is a pair of 60 old couple,
Embroidery patch no way to die with a machine cut,
Each little embroidery is cut by them one by one slowly from the cloth,
Then back to the studio one by one package.

▲ Later, when we tried it,
Found no lining on the back,
Embroidery badge will be off the issue.
So immediately embroidery hot non-woven,
Manpower one by one pruning,
I hope every embroidery is perfect for the guests.

/ Style

▲ coffee series -Chemex coffee pot


▲ maximum diameter of 2.8 cm (a very small hook cone ~)


▲ cute candy bags

/ Small Fortunately

▲ Network Limited ---> Buy four small embroidery badge, are free to send one more ~ and so on
(Whichever is lower)
▲ Please note in the remarks column in the style you want, chirp ~
▲ Each package will be handwritten small card and limit the period of small gifts ~

About shipping and packing

▲ NT400 free shipping in Taiwan
▲ Hong Kong and Macao over NT1000 free shipping (the default SF, 2 days arrival)
▲ NT1500 free shipping in China (only post office, arrival of 10 to 15 days)
▲ China Free Shipping program if you need to arrive quickly, the default SF, arrived within 4 days, please make up NT $ 100 shipping
▲ other Asian only post office parcel registered (because the courier is too expensive> 0 <),
An average of 6 to 15 days arrival
▲ outside Asia only post office registration

# Taiwan and Hong Kong and other regions are bubble envelope bag,
Let a small badge sitting on the way of long-haul aircraft sat comfortably,
Complete delivery to your hands = D

/ Origin and manufacturing methods
100% Taiwan production machines and handmade


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