Felicitas Pâtissérie 6吋 Rose Cake/Flower Years

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This order is a 6-inch cake with a height of about 10 cm or more and about 6-8 people. (To promote environmental protection, there are no cutlery, candles, cards in the box!)


Felicitas Pâtissérie 6吋 Rose Cake/Flower Years


Styling Cake Collection A
We adhere to the spirit of traditional European desserts and use the most complicated processes to bring the best and natural materials.
Fill in solid desserts and let the desserts have deep emotions
A classic and dreamy mini cup cake
Become a variety of contemporary fashion tastes
I sincerely hope to give you
Return to the original natural taste to tease your taste buds

Handmade three-dimensional three-dimensional shape cake
Specially choose the color of natural ingredients to make
Use only cream cream to squeeze flowers to show different appearances
Challenge our deep squeezing skills
Take out the 3D cupcakes that give you the most loved family and friends, amazing and healthy.
Welcome to contact us for in-depth discussions.

Presenting a flower-like cake decorating art by hand-squeezing flowers
We are different from the cake body made by the general flour, especially the "Bird's Powder", so that the cake is amazing even if it is aroma and taste!

※※Please ask if you can arrive at the designated time before ordering. Due to the pure hand-made, the production time is very long, the quantity is limited, and the order must be ordered! ※※

This order is a 6-inch cake with a height of about 10 cm or more and about 6-8 people.
(To promote environmental protection, there is no knife and fork in the box!)

The more the bird is flour (Wu Baochun master loves the brand)
French isigny cream
Top French Michelle Cozz Michel Cluizel cocoa powder
Madagascar vanilla pods

Appreciation period: 3 days in cold storage or 7 days in freezing. Please enjoy room temperature for 2 hours before eating.

! ! ! ! Once again, we emphasize that we use "natural cream" to make non-traditional fresh cream. Natural cream will harden in the refrigerator. Please be sure to warm it up for at least one or two hours after receiving the product. ! ! ! !

Cream flower: pink for raspberry and blue for butterfly bean (natural color)
Modeling: Roses
Cake body: chocolate cake
Cake stuffing: hand-cooked raspberry jam
*This product does not contain cards or candles. If you need to add candles, please purchase them when you place your order!
https://www.pinkoi.com/store/felicitas?subcategory=516 *

This cake can be stored for 6 hours at room temperature no more than 25 degrees! Great for banquets or birthday parties!
Since the production time is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, please order in advance to avoid waiting!
If you want to customize other styles, please contact us!

[Meeting the goods damaged and handling the return items]
This product is food. Please check the status of the product immediately after receiving it. Whenever you want to enjoy it, please check its status in advance. If there is serious damage, chipping, etc., please write down the package number and take a photo immediately. And immediately notify us by private message, we will help you immediately, thank you.

[send method]

*Motorcycle distribution (locomotive distribution is limited to the Greater Taipei area, available for delivery on the same day)*
PS: If you want to deliver the same day, please call 6 hours before the first time to confirm whether there is a spot available!
The locomotive express delivery time is from 1pm to 9pm.
Remind you! Due to the factors of rain, traffic jam, etc., the delivery time may be affected by express delivery! Plus the cake should be carefully distributed and avoid damage to the cake. To ensure that the delivery is adequate and safe to deliver, and to avoid delays, please give us at least two hours of adequate delivery time. Properly! Thank you!

*Black cat low temperature distribution (limited to Taiwan Island)
Home delivery can be "designated" to pick up the delivery time, but it is strongly recommended to "before 13 o'clock"!
Delivery time is based on the interval time, before 13 o'clock, 14-18 o'clock, but can not specify the exact time to arrive!
It is recommended to receive the receipt at least half a day early to avoid delays in the time you need to use! Thank you!
We strongly recommend receiving the goods before 13 o'clock on the arrival date, which can shorten the time of the goods in the logistics, which can greatly reduce the risk of damage to the goods!

Note: After 106/8/28, the black cat will not receive the goods on Sunday! Don't choose Sunday arrival on arrival date!

* Remind you that if you expect to arrive on Monday, we will ship it on Saturday!
Example: 9/4 (Monday) arrival, 9/2 (Saturday) scheduled shipment! Thank you!

[Place of Origin]
Taiwan / Taipei, handmade

One by one, one step, one foot, one strong, one, one, one, one happiness

In order to make the pure natural desserts better, it is closer to everyone's life!
We also always believe that we always insist on using raw foods, natural ingredients, no added flavors, and no added pigments to make the most natural desserts.
With pure natural desserts, it is the most joyful, most enjoyable, and most unaffordable. The world will be even better!
In this era of frequent food safety storms, the essence of traditional desserts has gradually separated from the lives of modern people.
**Felicitas**"European Traditional Desserts" for sale, it is no longer a difficult thing to bring you a taste of nature without pure addition.


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