Mingen'Handiwork owner's favorite simple wild shoulder canvas bag BB19005

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This bag idea is from a canvas bag that the owner himself likes very much, because I feel that the material and size are very good, so I re-engraved this, the material of the bag ran the cloth market for a year, and finally found a very close Canvas, so I


Mingen'Handiwork owner's favorite simple wild shoulder canvas bag BB19005


Bag size (manual measurement, please allow a gap of 1 ~ 2cm) Top width: 46cm Under width: 36cm Height: 38cm Bottom: 14cm Shoulder strap: 48cm All photos are made in kind by Mingen'Handiwork, please do not steal them for commercial use. We reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility. * Buyers must read the purchase notice before taking the product. Once all the products are sold, except for quality problems (hardware drop, off-line, damaged leather), any subjective reasons for the return, you need to pay for the return postage, please When refunding, consciously subtract the postage sent. product description: This bag has actually been prepared for a year. The prototype of the bag is not original. The original design is derived from a bag that I like very much. Because the fabric and the pattern are very good, I would like to share this design with you, The biggest selling point of this bag is the cloth. This canvas is not easy to fade, and it will not rub the clothes. The cloth is light and stiff, which makes the bag very bag-shaped after making it ~ The shoulder strap of the bag is 2.5mm thick tree paste leather, and the back of the leather surface has been treated to prevent fluff when used. The shoulder strap is We spend a lot of time making it because the edges of the leather material are all hand-sealed, and the edges of the straps are smooth and do not scratch. The mouth of the bag is designed with a zipper to protect it from thieves. Inside the bag is a checkered cotton fabric with an inside zip pocket and two small pockets. There are hard pads on the bottom of the bag, and books, kettles and other heavy things will not be deformed! This bag has done a lot of processing in details, I hope everyone can feel my intention in making this bag, I am a person who likes to carry big bags. A handy shoulder bag can match a lot of clothes and is suitable all year round. I hope you all enjoy my sharing! fabric composition: Bags: 16 earthy canvas Lining: cotton laundry guide: The shoulder strap of the bag is cowhide, so it is not recommended to wash ~ Matching demonstration: Model is 160cm tall and 46kg in size M Because there will be chromatic aberration when shooting light or monitor difference, please refer to the product picture for color 【Buying】 1: Washing—Canvas bags can usually be washed by hand, and there will be a little discoloration, so it is not recommended to wash them frequently. Light-colored canvases should use alkaline detergent as much as possible. Because canvases are acidic, they tend to yellow after drying. Beige, khaki, etc. These light-colored bags are washed, covered with a layer of paper towels on the surface of the bag, dried and then removed, to avoid yellowing after exposure. As for canvas and leather bags, dry cleaning is recommended 2: Color-there are objective factors such as different monitors / lights and different shooting effects. It is inevitable that there will be chromatic aberration. We try to proofread with the real thing. Please forgive me. 3: It will be carefully ironed before sending out, and bumps will inevitably be caused during transportation. 4: Products—Because most of the products are purely handmade, unavoidable minor flaws, ash marks, knots, and thread ends, please accept unacceptable children to place orders carefully. 5: Maintenance—Although the bag is made of leather, although it is waterproof, try not to stain it. The pores on the leather will absorb and expand when it encounters water. When not in use, put it out in a cool and ventilated place to avoid moisture and mold. Non-frosted leather can also regularly rub leather maintenance oil, which can make other bags more beautiful and more durable!


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