ROPEshop's [Floating Wave] Bracelet.

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■Material: Copper plated, 3mm Swarovski crystal pearl



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ROPEshop's [Floating Wave] Bracelet.


ROPEshop's [Floating Wave] Bracelet.

缕缕月光浮映池, the wind starts to smash and scatter.....

■ Chain length: about 16.5 (including the full length of the buckle, wearing a hand-painted hand circumference of 14.5cm)
※Please provide the size of the hand when ordering, according to the size of the hand and the inner diameter of the bracelet.
Add a looseness of about 1cm to 1.5cm, or tell the page to mark the general size.
Or other needs, you can provide the right size and demand, saving communication and mailing efficiency!

■Material: Copper plated, 3mm Swarovski crystal pearl

※Product photos are subject to natural light conditions or personal screen settings.
Therefore, there will be some slight color difference, mainly based on the actual color of the goods received.

※Please note that Hong Kong customers send mail, Hong Kong shipping options are sent by SF Express.
However, due to the difference in the form or location of the delivery, SF will have an additional charge (HKD$10~$30).
Please refer to the website
Or you can also go to the official website of SF to make a surcharge standard inquiry.

**提醒Pre-order reminder instructions║**
■ Most of the museum's low-sensitivity copper or copper alloy materials, but if you have a sensitive body condition for metal, please avoid ordering.

■ Most of the jewelry in the hall is made of copper or alloy plating. Non-pure gold ornaments can keep color for a long time.
After use or for a period of time, it may be wet, use or frequent.
Personal physique conditions (such as easy sweating) produce fading and oxidation, it is recommended that the recipient can order the order.

■ ROPEshop hand-made jewelry will be customized after ordering, no spot goods are provided, so you can adjust the length according to your hand size or demand, so you will not receive the order. After the goods, return or replace the goods on non-defective issues.

■ The measurement method of the hand circumference can be measured by using a tape measure to measure the wrist bone, that is, the position where the watch is generally worn, or the line of the rope is not tightened, and then the length is measured by using a ruler.

■ The size of the hand is not the length of the bracelet, so the general order will be based on the size of your hand and the inner diameter of the bracelet.
Add a chain space of about 1cm~1.5cm, and reserve the looseness to keep the finger buckle space.
There is no problem of not being able to buckle or be too close.

■ The recommended way to maintain jewelry is as follows:
1. Avoid letting the jewelry touch the water, contact with acid and alkaline, body lotion, perfume, etc.
2. Avoid wearing when sweating and wearing long in summer.
3. Do not wear it while sleeping, which may cause friction on the painted surface.
4. After removing the metal jewelry, use a soft cloth or a glasses cloth to wipe it gently (the oil is left on the surface). After cleaning, store it in a sealed bag or a zipper bag.
5. Do not use silver cloth or strong rubbing back and forth except for silver, which will cause the metal plating surface to wear out.
6. This type of electroplated metal jewelry is mostly a consumable consumable. It is recommended that the jewelry can be replaced and properly preserved to extend the beautiful life of the accessory.

Origin Taiwan / personal hand-made production


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