Pottery workshop │ 伫 in iron painted series (teapot / tea sea / tea pot / teacup)

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"Wandering in the" quenching chain of pottery, finally calmly came to carry out the "stand calm" tea



Pottery workshop │ 伫 in iron painted series (teapot / tea sea / tea pot / teacup)


Concept of work: The texture is no longer just pursuing symmetry, so it is easy to change. The iron spot embodies the craftsman's charm, delicate and delicate. Green bodies and glazes capture natural features, leaving the sediments calm and simple. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/865/40596031165_cfc843f4bd_b.jpg Works Features: 1. The body is kneaded with zen porcelain and iron and burned with high temperature to make rhyme. Touching the surface texture of the pottery, it is subtle and undulating. 2. Each piece has its own personality in the series of works, as everyone has their own personality, so the texture is no longer just pursuing symmetry and smoothness, so it is easy to change. The iron spot embodies the craftsman's charm, delicate and delicate. Green bodies and glazes capture natural features and their expressions are eclectic. Precipitation calm, random beauty. 3. The iron spot falls on the roof. There is a sense of closeness to the people, and the same iron-like spot that is shaped but inconsistently distributed brings different feelings. 4. In addition to iron spots and glazes, its shape is a kind of pride, but without losing the literati. 5. The "heated" pottery has a mild thermal conductivity and continues to feature Tao's features in the "Imported Tea" function. It is easy to elicit tea flavor and is particularly suitable for semi-fermented tea or partially fermented tea. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/819/40596031215_3e529fcf94_z.jpg 伫 In the iron painted series: Iron oxide and water are used to mix glazes and use utensils as paper, giving them shades to create subtle and rich brush-and-ink variations, showing the style of ancient paintings and pottery charm. In the hectic pace of life, seek a long-lost freewheeling pursuit of the contemporary fashion of tea life. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/813/39680828760_91ea4aef59_z.jpg Use and clean maintenance methods: (1) This is a fragile item, and the emphasis is on maintenance to avoid breakage and keeping it clean. (2) The cleaning of utensils is based on the principle of one-piece cleaning to avoid collision. It is best to clean the lid and the kettle separately. Packing and packing are based on the principle of "tightness", and they are tightly packed, especially accessories. (3) Cleaning Try to avoid chilling and rapid heat. If there is dust on the pottery, use a soft cloth to wipe it lightly, or use a brush to gently brush off the dust. Be careful about the baby's tender skin. (4) Do not place in high temperature and strong light, especially thin-tire porcelain. Place it properly to prevent it from falling over. (5) Appreciate thick cloth on the table, and remove hard objects such as rings on the hands to prevent scratching or glazed glazes. When holding the artifacts, hold the bottom of one hand, and hold the other body firmly. Do not use only one hand to grasp the edge of the utensil and pick it up. (6) Before using the new product, use it only once with boiled water. When used, a potted pen can be used to moisten the surface of the tea juice container, and then can enjoy surface changes. After use, please clean the tea residue, rinse with water, dry it, keep it well ventilated and dry. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/819/40596031215_3e529fcf94_z.jpg Product specifications: 伫 铁 in iron painted _ a high pot Size: 119X74X87mm Capacity: 190cc Weight: 150g Origin: Taiwan 伫 In Iron Painting _ A Tea Sea Size: 100X90X85mm Capacity: 240cc Weight: 170g Origin: Taiwan 伫 In iron painting _ small exhibition cup (single cup) Size: 65X65X35mm Capacity: 40cc Weight: 40g Origin: Taiwan 伫 painted in iron _ small teapot Size: 70X70X85mm Capacity: 160cc Weight: 125g Origin: Taiwan


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