Mobile phone frame Mother's Day fast shipping whales African teak wood hand-made limited time special

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[Whale is full] You can put a mobile phone or a business card. The angle of our tails is designed to be just right, neither blocking the screen nor slipping, we are coming to carry new friends! Come take us home and give it to your favorite person~


Mobile phone frame Mother's Day fast shipping whales African teak wood hand-made limited time special


"Whales are full" #鲸鱼手机架#. A new partner of the World of the Deaf, a whale that can stand a mobile phone, is full and round, so it is named "Whale Full", the English name is "Iwhale", and the homonym "I WILL". The cute little face and the innocent little expression, the two combinations become love, so you can't put it down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving gifts and personal use. why? ❤️❤️❤️ Mother's Day is approaching, send her "whale full", let her "whales are very happy"; friends get married, send her / he "whale full", because I call "Iwhale"; If you love ramie, you will send them "whale full", liberate their hands, let them watch the drama easily, happy video chat; want to encourage yourself, how can you not send yourself "energetic"? Is it too creative to send the Apple series? Let the "whale full" meet his discerning him/her. ❤️❤️❤️ "Whales are full" was born from the hands of the first family. When I met with me, it was not the appearance of the present. After many discussions and trials, we slowly adjusted to the perfect shape. O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ cute full, in addition to mobile phones, business cards, Ipad mini, are as stable as Taishan! The well-designed angle, ergonomic 60° tilt angle, is full, except for the liberation of the hands, even the neck is liberated. "Whale standing full" #鲸鱼手机架# **Customized Lei Engraving Word Service**: Plus purchase link: **Features**: Full manual, non-plastic, natural, safe and easy to maintain **Function**: healing artifact, mobile phone rest station, Ipad mini frame, business card holder, table decoration small objects, porch small things, 哄 mother artifact, marriage proposal **Size**: Small only: length 9.0cm x width 5.0cm x height 5.5cm **Product Material**:**Africa Teak** **Place of Origin**: Taiwan **Manufacturing method**: Handmade (see below for details) **Maintenance method**: Do not soak in water or expose to the sun for a long time. You can use beeswax and olive oil for painting and maintenance. The "Whale Full"**production process**has one main step: 1.**Concept Design**. In fact, when the deaf person designed the "whale full", the brewing adjustment can be long, and there are other wood species to choose from (the follow-up will be put on the shelves). 2. The design**draw**in the wood. Take the appropriate thickness of the board, carefully check the board for no wormholes, and consider the structural strength of the wood to draw the whale. 3.**Cut**. Cut the two-dimensional whale along the line drawn, and keep the line drawn. 4.**Carving**. Hand-held**carving knife**, engraving the three-dimensional shape of the whale in the mind (this is a test of the stability of the hand, the children can practice more to make), the carved rough embryo can only recognize the color of the wood, want to appreciate the wood The texture has to be polished. 5.**Polished**. Grinding with different levels of**sandpaper**, from 100, after 5 conversions, and finally 600 sheets of sandpaper. At this time, the texture of the walnut is very clear. 6.**“Draw a fish eye”**. Heat the**Electric pen**and use the principle of high-temperature carbonized wood to “draw” the eyes. Because it is hand-burned, it will be slightly different every time, and sometimes there will be surprises! 7.**Painting**. Finally, we will use the natural non-toxic**beeswax**apply small whales, so that the texture of the small whales will be clearer and more beautiful, the most important thing is that beeswax can help the wood to achieve the initial**waterproof**and retain the simple taste! The brand name is "朲人羡木", which means a wooden creator (朲) and a user (person), 羡 represents a good feeling for something, and wood symbolizes nature and wood. The name implies that wood creators love nature and wood together with users. Wood is a medium for brands to communicate with people, and it brings joy to people through wood. The monks have always insisted on using logs for creation. Maintenance after product creation, using natural coating, and beeswax purchased by beekeepers. I hope that our persistence will let you feel the warm texture and rich changes of wood, and envy and care for nature with us. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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