Sweet secret customized name stickers buy three get one free / a total of 14 models

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Sweet secret name stickers buy three get one free ❒ Contents: Four groups of 180 name stickers with your name, each group can make different names 材质 Material: matte waterproof material


Sweet secret customized name stickers buy three get one free / a total of 14 models


###Remember the style and name to be ordered in the order note喔###

❒ Product introduction

🦄️ Here is the purchase area for the name, buy three get one free
Name posted a set of $280, buy three get a total of four groups of $840
I’m going to start school and post the same name with my good friend~~

❒ Content
A set of 45 name stickers with your name
There are 15 patterns, each with 3 patterns, so you don't have to worry about it!
There are 180 groups in four groups, each group can make different names, which is equivalent to making up to four groups of names!

❒ Material
Waterproof material on the white background (the thick texture is completely water-repellent!)
Can be attached to the bowl of the kettle, children's kindergarten, do not use force when washing, it will not fall ~
Because of the relationship between the fog film, the physical color will be lighter than what you see on the screen! Please accept the next order~

❒ Look at the style here (please help me in the order note 喔)

01. Cat models
02. Dinosaurs
03. Food section
04. Monsters
05. Ice cream
06. More meat
07. Stationery
08. Cosmetics
09. Laboratory models
10. Pink
11. House section
12. Dogs
13. Sushi section
14. Christmas


⚫ A group can only make one name, please note the style and name when placing an order.
⚫ Name stickers will be packed in zipper bags, and reuse is not a problem!
⚫ Name sticker Because of the size of the pattern, you can only choose one of Chinese and English. It is recommended that the Chinese character is within three characters, and the English word is within seven characters.
If you have special needs, you can use the private message and discuss with me~
⚫Use sample fonts (such as images) in a unified way. If the name is not displayed, it will help you change the font.
告知Please inform the name when placing an order, if you want to order with a friend, please note
(Which style = name) ex: Cat style = sweet secret, food section = Sweet ..... etc.
⚫ Name stickers Because they are customized, they need to be printed uniformly, so you need to wait 7-20 days for production, and do not accept urgent orders! If you order a lot of people in front of the order, you will need to wait for the time, because we are a one-person studio, we cut one by one by hand, please wait for friends to place an order! If there is a special need, such as the time to send a friend, there is pressure to ask for a discussion.
⚫ Be sure to note the name and style! If there is no remark, there will be a private inquiry, and the number of working days will be counted after the notification.
⚫Because they are all hand-cut, in order to avoid unpleasant consumption, please do not buy perfectionists! However, sweet secrets will check the layout production in detail, please rest assured ^^
⚫ Names are posted as customized products, unless they are defective, they will not be accepted for return!

🔍 See all name stickers style: https://www.pinkoi.com/store/sweetsecret?tag=%E5%A7%93%E5%90%8D%E8%B2%BC

About sweet secrets
The sweet secret is a one-person studio, a design school girl who likes to paint. On February 21, 2015, she created a sweet secret. My inspiration comes from the footprints or realizations of my own life, with my hands and The brush, drawn in one stroke, each person has his own little secret in his heart, I hope that I can bring you a little secret sweet little!
♡ Sweet Secret Instagram: _sweet.secrets_
I will share the secrets of sweet secrets. If you don’t give up, you can pay attention to you.
Order processing instructions

// After the order payment is completed, the goods will be sent to you within five days (excluding holidays).
// After the package is completed, I will give you the “estimated shipping date” to let you know that the goods are ready to be shipped.
// After the parcel is sent out, I will give you a "shipping notice", mailed to Taiwan Island for 2-3 days will be received, super-commercial pick-up will be received within 2 days, please pay attention to the receipt:-)

Design Trade Policy
1. Please confirm if the receipt information is correct before placing the order.
2. Please complete the payment within 7 days after the order is placed. I will receive a notice to prepare your package. The goods will be sent to you within 5 days of the order (excluding holidays, national holidays)
3. All mailings should be sent by registered mail. The registration number needs to be signed by someone. When shipping the notice, I will provide the "send number". You can check the progress of the parcel on the post office website.
4. Super-commercial pick-up will be received within 2 days, the goods will arrive at the Super-Commerce Newsletter notice, please take the documents to the Super Merchant to pick up the goods!
5. If you have mailed more than two unsigned parcels and you have not received the parcel for more than 7 days, you will be refunded. You need to re-pay the freight to resend it. If it is not repaid for more than three months, this order will be deemed invalid.
6. Please check the goods immediately after receiving the package. If there is any problem, please submit it within 7 days, so that I can help you immediately!
7. The design hall can purchase a variety of combined shipping costs, the whole hall consumption of 1000 free shipping
8. If you have any questions, please contact me using "Contact Designer" and I will reply you as soon as possible! Thank you!

Payment method and shipping information


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