Driver All New long-lasting 316 vacuum sports thermos 380ml- matt white

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Newly designed stainless steel inner and outer cover, sturdy and durable SUS316 medical premium grade stainless steel for peace of mind Extra large stainless steel handle for easy carrying Oversized cup, can be placed in ice to keep ice for more than 24 ho



Driver All New long-lasting 316 vacuum sports thermos 380ml- matt white


Product desciption------------------------------------------------ ------------

Newly designed stainless steel inner and outer cover, no metal friction and harsh sound

Rugged and durable, it keeps you and your family away from the dangers of heavy metals and plasticizers

Long-lasting ice protection keeps you practicing 5+2 spirit, whether you go to work on weekdays, coffee or holiday, go to the sea

SUS316 medical premium grade stainless steel (18-10 Stainless Steel), super anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials let you drink peace of mind

Ultra-long-lasting insulation structure, which has longer insulation effect than traditional insulation cups, and surpasses the first generation shape to create a more perfect ratio.

The cup body is made of the latest enhanced spray speed paint, which is three times stronger than the general paint, so that your cup is not easy to scratch.

Extra large stainless steel handles are easy to carry. There are also three specifications for four colors to choose from.

The large cup mouth is easy to clean, and it can be easily placed into ice cubes for long-term ice protection for more than 24 hours.

This product is equipped with the exclusive anti-collision protection rubber sleeve of the Driver Cup, which effectively prevents the bottle from colliding and losing insulation effect.

SGS inspection is qualified, so that you and your family can use it with peace of mind.

This series of products are Fubon 10 million product liability insurance

Maximize the spirit of Driver beyond Driver and create the highest CP value;

Break through the existing framework to create the best structure again, with the most distinctive features in one,

Set a higher indicator for the driver for 10 years, so stay tuned for more innovations.

Product specifications------------------------------------------------ ------------

Name: Driver All New Long-term 316 Vacuum Sports Bottle 380ml - Matt White
Size: diameter 7.2cm x height 21.5cm
Material: SUS316 stainless steel, PP, food grade heat-resistant silicone water stop washer (heat resistant 220 ° C)
Capacity: 380ml
Weight: about 285g

Precautions------------------------------------------------ ------------

Please hold a hot drink below the bottle stopper about 1CM distance

This system is made of stainless steel, do not hit with sharp hard objects or vigorously tap, otherwise it will cause the surface to be sunken and the insulation function will be lost.

If not used for a long time, please keep the bottle dry and store.

The body has a high vacuum heat-dissipating function, so the outside of the cup body is at room temperature when the hot drink is served.

The system is normal; please be careful when hot drinks are served in the bottle.

Cleaning and maintenance ------------------------------------------------ ------------

Before using the new product for the first time, please use neutral dishwashing detergent and soft brush to clean it before loading it.

The inside and outside of the bottle are made of 316 stainless steel, so it is not easy to rust. If there is salt, the water quality is not pure (including iron).

It will be prone to spots and scales; or long-term colored drinks such as tea.

It is also easy to produce tea scale or color in the inner tank. If this happens, please add 10% vinegar or warm water.

After the lemon acid is placed for about 30 minutes, use a foam or soft brush to clean the liner and thoroughly clean it.

Do not use a melon cloth or a metal brush or an organic solvent to scrub the surface to maintain a beautiful appearance.


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