[Yingchuan hand-made] hand-stitched leather zipper pen bag / Italian plant 鞣 cowhide

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Size 18X6X6cm 【Material】Italian vegetable tanned cowhide Color: bright red has been out of stock



[Yingchuan hand-made] hand-stitched leather zipper pen bag / Italian plant 鞣 cowhide


Size] 18X6X6cm 【Material】Italian vegetable tanned cowhide colour: https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4371/35697451073_a52252bd0b_c.jpg Vegetable tanned leather is one of the best in the first layer of cowhide. It is different from the coatings commonly used on the market. (The coating is sprayed with a layer of leather on the skin to cover the texture and flaws of the original skin. The bit and the too much skin are usually used after the paint is processed.) The full grain cowhide is just the most primitive state to show people, so because of this, each of our bags has It is not reproducible, which is why our designers choose vegetable materials. What kind of traces are in the normal range? Because cows will produce blood scars, small scars, and growth texture during the growth process, it is inevitable, so generally small black spots, light black small scratches, irregular colorless textures are all in the normal range (for another angle, it In fact, it is also a kind of natural beauty. We like to plant skins is not a pursuit of natural beauty?). In addition, some manual traces and a little error will be left in the hand-made process, which is not as 100% as the machine production line, but the handmade products have a unique hand-feeling feeling. About 瑕疵 When we made it, we discarded a lot of serious leather materials. If we left it, it would be fine. And after a period of use of the bag, the color will become even and bright, and even if there are some scratch texture, it will gradually fade. The finished product will gradually develop its own unique color and texture during use. This process of slow-moving is actually the process of growing up with your bag, which is what our bag can give you. The beautiful memories of life. About color difference Product and product detail maps are taken by professionals using professional equipment for color correction, but the color difference of different monitors cannot be avoided. Non-quality problem description Our products use the original ecological first layer cowhide, which is affected by animal growth environment factors, such as scars, insect bites, calluses, markings, etc., which can not be avoided when growing. Yingchuan Handmade does not retain the most natural characteristics of the first layer of cowhide. With film or paint treatment, these original characteristics and hand traces are preserved during the coloring and hand-made process, so that each item contains the baptism of the temperature and time of life. Please pay special attention to Attention Please Natural leather surface is easy to scratch and wear, please cherish it. The first layer of cowhide is a natural material, please try not to rain, soak the water, if you encounter similar situations, please dry it with cotton cloth or paper towel as soon as possible. Natural top layer cowhide has the advantages of PU leather, synthetic leather and two-layer leather. High texture 2. Natural ventilation 3. The surface texture is clear and natural 4. Feel comfortable 5. Surface gloss is not easy to subside after daily maintenance 6. Durable Inevitable place 1. Inconsistent surface texture, with depth and thickness (only artificial PU leather, synthetic leather is consistent) 2. Naturally a little blood spots, blood gluten, skin wounds, etc. (will try to avoid but can not be completely avoided) leather without blood spots, blood gluten, skin wounds, only PU leather, synthetic leather, two-layer leather or top leather A boutique luxury brand. 3. Scratches appear with scratches (care can be slowed or subsided by care) 4. The cowhide will have a natural leathery taste. (It will slowly fade after being ventilated or used) Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan design handmade


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