British Fragrance Colony Series - Violet with Blackberry 120 ml

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British Fragrance Colony Series - Violet with Blackberry 120 ml

商品説明 Colony Sweet Violet & Blackberry 120ml Reed Diffuser Product Name: Violet & Blackberry Violet with Blackberry Capacity: 120 ml An enchanting fragrance opening with sumptuous notes of violet followed by a blooming bouquet of lily, jasmin, ylang, heliotrope, rose, gardenia and hyacinth. Fruity notes of sumptuous blackberry and plum with a whisper of spice are enveloped by a base of cedarwood, musk and vanilla A brilliant flame-free way to scent your home, this reed diffuser will release its scent for weeks upon weeks, letting you enjoy the wonderful fragrance for as long as possible. Also make a lovely gift, this reed diffuser is perfect for birthdays, 'thank yous' and for a teacher's gift. If your diffuser runs out, grab a refill or even change it up with a different reed diffuser refill, to keep your diffuser topped Up and your home smelling great The new and charming violet aroma is intertwined with the smell of lilies, jasmine, day mustard, roses, gardenia and hyacinths. Sweet and juicy blackberry, plums constitute the tone, and finally drift faint musk, vanilla and cedar aroma. In the way of suction will spread the fragrance into the interior space, to the brain to control the emotional position, the use of fragrance to achieve the relief and relaxation of the body and mind. Instructions: Will be inserted into the bottle of bamboo, the first use of only two branches can be inserted into the expansion of bamboo, or as the size of space and expansion of the concentration of bamboo sticks. Manufacturer: Wax Lyrical Ltd, UK Precautions: 1, due to the high concentration of essential oils, and contain alcohol to help volatilize, do not eat or apply directly to the skin. 2, fragrance oil accidentally into the eyes, please rinse with water for several minutes, and medical treatment as soon as possible. 3, to avoid direct sunlight, away from fire or hot location. 4, do not place on the surface coated with paint, polishing or composites. 5, do not put in children or pets can be touched by the location. Shopping Guide: 1, appreciation period: the main content of the goods in kind, a commodity that is difficult to reply to the original goods. If you need to return, please do not open and keep the goods when the original status. But if the goods are defective, please take pictures and keep the original packaging, and within 7 days after arrival by telephone or e-mail notification We, we will help you as soon as possible to deal with the return policy. 2, shipping 80, full of thousands of free shipping. 3, the home delivery of goods is limited to Taiwan Island, Islands, the outer island, foreign freight charges separately. Origin / manufacturing method UK UK