Color rice trumpet bite toy

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51% of the "rice toy series" raw materials are Japanese-made rice bran~ Not only using Japanese rice, but also



Color rice trumpet bite toy

商品説明 [Japan People] new color rice trumpet bite toy 51% of the "rice toy series" raw materials are Japanese-made rice bran~ Not only using Japanese rice, but also manufacturing in Japan!! This launch combines 4 kinds of fruits and vegetables, It is completely free of paint, so you don't have to worry about your baby putting the toy in your mouth. The structure of the toy is also particularly particular. There are no protruding screws on the surface of the toy. It is a very careful assembly and strict quality control! ★Product Features ★ The new "Colored Rice Horn Bite Toy" is ultra-lightweight and 40% lighter than the old one. It is easier to handle with small hands! Whether it is blowing or sucking, it will make a sound!! Let the baby around 8 months learn the instrument easily, and also train the lung capacity! (No battery required) One-sided handle, light and thin body design, take it well and satisfy it. The high and low wave touch on the mouth of the mouth is enough to satisfy the baby's fingers! "Mi product toy series", which exudes a touch of rice, made in Japan, Don't worry about your baby's bite in your mouth, it's the best choice for a new full moon or birthday gift. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ★ Many counterfeit goods on the market and auction sites, please be more careful ★ ★Only the exclusive distributor in Taiwan, the original Japanese company goods, the goods are safe and secure ★ :::The Ministry of Economic Affairs Standards Inspection Bureau passed the commodity inspection::: ----------------- Brand People New color rice trumpet bite toy Main material Body-meter, PP mouthpiece-ABS Applicable time 0 months~ Place of origin Japan ----------------- 1. Because it contains 51% rice, after the toy is played, please keep the product dry to avoid problems such as mold. 2. If the toy is dirty, please wipe it with a wet towel! To avoid deformation or malfunction, do not use water to clean, boil, hot water, microwave or medicine and various disinfection pots. 3. Please use it properly under adult supervision. 4. For safety reasons, if there is any crack or deformation, please stop using it. 5. Do not play in unstable places and keep away from fire. 6. To avoid deterioration of the product, please avoid the sun or leave the house. 7. To avoid deformation or damage, do not throw it or ride it over the toy. 8. Do not provide for babies who are under the age of the sign. 9. Do not let your baby continue to bite all day long. 10. If there is deformation or deterioration, in order to avoid scratching, do not provide it to young children to play. 11. Because of the use of natural materials, the product itself sometimes has white spots or small black spots, which is the relationship between the characteristics of the material, and there is no problem in quality. Please provide it to the children to play with peace of mind. 12. When unpacking, the product will emit a light scent of rice, which is a natural phenomenon. It is not a harmful substance. After a period of time, it will gradually fade away. Please use it with peace of mind. 13. Please wipe before use before use. 14. Can not be eaten. Please stop putting in the mouth after 15.2 years of age to avoid affecting tooth development. 16. This product has passed the toy safety inspection, please feel free to use.


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