Nude Flower Mini Towel x Finnish Elastic Handmade Hairband

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Curly Curly exclusive hand-made design **== Mini Towel Cap x Finnish Elastic Handmade Hair Band ==**


Nude Flower Mini Towel x Finnish Elastic Handmade Hairband


Curly 2020 S / S hairband collection Curly Curly exclusive hand-made design **== Mini Towel Elastic Handmade Hairband ==** [Naked flower mini towel hat headband] 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 **| Material**| Uses Finnish cotton print Lightweight skin It's our favorite cloth! **| New version |** This time, I tried to design the dream product, repeated testing, and produced the final version several times! Newly launched mini towel hat extremely wide elastic band At the same time, it has both the characteristics of the towel hat and the manageable width Good fixing effect and difficult to slide Applicable to any head circumference (If you are worried that the head circumference is too small or too large, please note in the note) **| Special Design |** This time we used the elastic band part on the back to inherit the characteristics of the towel and hat type. Special elastic design can easily fix the pony tail Very suitable for tying a simple low pony tail. Pass the pony tail through the elastic loop and it will be very fixed. The elastic band can be replaced at any time After all, elastic bands are consumables, even if you wear them more and more loosely, there are still ways to solve them ~ **| size |** Single size, suitable for normal to large head circumference (The back elastic band can be adjusted slightly) **| Washing Method |** Hand wash or machine wash in a laundry bag Do not pull hard, just dry in the shade **| production time |** Under normal operation (the order quantity is ok), the goods will usually be sent out within 10 working days after payment But when there are more orders, the waiting time may be longer It is recommended that if you have questions about waiting time, please ask us before ordering ~ **| Precautions before ordering |** Before ordering, please take into account the possible color differences due to different screen displays And confirm the head circumference, style, shipping method, etc. After the sale, we will no longer accept returns or exchanges for reasons of color difference, size mismatch, or other personal operation issues. (Of course there is no seven-day appreciation period !!) Due to the distribution of the color of the cloth, each time it is cut, it will be different Therefore, it is normal for the received goods to be different from the photos! Please understand before ordering again ~ "We will not return products due to the difference between the product and the picture" Curly Curly handmade & design Origin / manufacturing methods Tainan / handmade, hemmed stitching


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