Natural dyeing and weaving plant dyeing plant dyeing sun moon lake black tea dyeing cherry wood dyeing plastic scarf

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Using Sun Moon Lake black tea production process The leftover scraps and thick stems and sakura wood stain The colors in the smoke Contains indifferent comfort Moldable folds Create my shape Unique personal style


Natural dyeing and weaving plant dyeing plant dyeing sun moon lake black tea dyeing cherry wood dyeing plastic scarf


ECOCOLOUR develops ecologically sustainable natural dyeing with a heart that is friendly to the environment and considers nature well. Using local plants in Taiwan as dyeing materials, tempering the colors that belong to Taiwan, and developing natural dyeing and weaving clothing and daily craft products with the traditional techniques of manual natural dyeing and weaving. Nature is the most fashionable colorist. It is extracted from the soil, minerals, plants, and other sources in nature, and then repeatedly heated and dyed or soaked in cold dyeing, and finally becomes the most natural natural dyeing. The most common branches and leaves, fruits, husks, flowers, seeds, bark, roots, etc. can be used to extract pigments as dyes. However, the season, time and location of the dyed materials are different, depending on the climate, freshness, handwork, and because of the pigment impurities contained in the natural dyes, the color of the dyed fabric will be different. The color of the finished product also depends on the dyeing. When cloth, the type of cloth, the density of the dye liquor, the mordant, the time, the temperature, the humidity, and the bleaching and dyeing process will produce different hue and tone. Commodity type—natural dyeing, plant dyeing, plant dyeing, sun moon lake black tea dyeing, cherry blossom wood dyeing, plastic scarf Commodity material--%95 cotton% 5 metal fiber Size description-45 cm wide and 170 cm long When the product photos are taken, the lighting and the color of the picture files will be slightly different due to the different computer screen settings, and the patterns will also be slightly different due to the different preparation methods or cutting. The actual products shall prevail, please forgive me. Custom service The custom-made natural dyed weaving hand-made is made of existing dyed fabrics and fiber threads. The working day (excluding holidays) takes 15 to 45 days. The difficulty will affect the number of working days, and longer time needs to be reserved. If you need to re-dye and weave, the working days will take 45 to 65 days. The difficulty will affect the number of working days and you need to set aside longer. Natural dyeing is all taken from natural dyeing materials, following nature, and produced in small quantities. The colors and patterns of each hand-made are slightly different. It is a warm hand made by the manufacturer. If you feel that there are traces of imperfection, Please also let us know, please advise and understand. laundry guide Products are all natural dyed, please wash with water. Dry cleaning containing organic solvents and other chemicals is prohibited. Do not use detergents that add fluorescent chlorine bleach or brightening. Please use a neutral detergent, pour an appropriate amount into the water and stir evenly before washing. Do not pour directly on the clothes. Please wash different colors separately. It is normal that there is slight color water in the first few washings. Please shorten the cleaning time, avoid soaking in water for too long, and avoid staining. Please wash with light hands, avoid local rubbing, rubbing, and scrubbing to avoid fading and mottled. When washing is complete, please twist it to dry or put it in a laundry bag for low-speed dehydration. Do not use high-speed or strong-speed dehydration to avoid deformation of clothing due to forced twisting. Please hang it to dry in a cool and ventilated place after washing. When ironing, please iron it with a low-temperature partition cloth, and avoid zippers, buttons or decorations, so as not to cause light color difference. Tips Naturally dyed hand crops, if there are stains, please wash them immediately according to the washing method. Please keep it in a well-ventilated and dark place during daily storage and avoid prolonged exposure to strong light to prevent partial fading. When storing for a long time, please put it in a storage bag or an opaque clothing box, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature for a long time, and put it in a low-humidity closet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart You can spend more time and patience, use the correct method, extend the life of clothes, cherish things, cherish limited resources, and be friendly to the environment to practice the belief in ecological sustainability. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwanese design and handmade production


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