SLL Fragrance Set / Daisy / Solid Balm + Body Milk

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SLL Portfolio / Twelve Keywords for Girls-Love (Daisy) + Charming Twelve-Window Shopping (Daisy) / Solid Perfume + Body Milk


SLL Fragrance Set / Daisy / Solid Balm + Body Milk


SLL fragrance group is coming again ~~~ If you like the fragrance of daisy flowers, you must not miss it! Combination package: Twelve Keywords-Love (Daisy) Charming Twelve-Window shopping (Daisy) "Solid Perfume Features" The scent is indescribable, but extremely personal! So, [SLL Simple Life Lab] Since its inception, Each scented product is in collaboration with Taiwan's cutting-edge illustration creators. Through the story of the situation in the illustration, express the characteristics of each fragrance. We want to accompany every woman to find her own taste, Every moment is unique! Ingredients: Natural beeswax, vegetable wax, petrolatum, essential oil Contents: 5ml Usage: Appropriately apply to high temperature areas such as behind the ears or inside the wrist [Characteristics of Body Milk] 1. SLL adheres to the brand concept of avoiding preservatives as much as possible. In the body milk introduced this time, the natural antiseptic system, also called self-preservative system, extracted from the active ingredients of Chinese medicine "Hopu" was used. Using the same grade of natural preservatives as international brands, customers who love fragrance can use it with peace of mind. 2. Carry out the core spirit of the SLL brand, "accompany the customer group with a low-key fragrance expression." Each SLL body lotion is paired with a unique fragrance, so as to moisturize the skin, relieve stress and show charm. 3.SLL body milk also has the functional practicability required by customers: A. Contains hyaluronic acid, hydroxyethylurea and palmitol, simple maintenance action, maintaining skin's moisturizing elasticity. B. Add provitamin B5 and shea butter for deep repair. C. Extra vitamins are added to provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to maintain healthy vitality. Contents: 200ml How to use: After bathing or when needed, apply an appropriate amount to the whole body and massage gently until the skin is completely absorbed. "Why do we care about scent? 》 Brain science tells us that the sense of smell is directly connected to the emotional brain, the limbic system, In charge of perception and emotion, It is the only one of the five senses that is not controlled by the brain. The intuition of olfactory echoes emotions and feelings, Each scent represents the uniqueness of those who love him. It is through the fragrance "low-key expression" that a woman applies perfume, Express who I am, my emotions, my emotions, It also expresses my uniqueness and my choice. "SLL Brand Positioning" [SLL Simple Life Lab], established in January 2015, Positioned as a "personal portable fragrance" brand. Think of life as a petri dish, merchandise proposal as an experiment, Women who continue to learn to love themselves, Through fragrance, find your own unique share. We advocate "scent, which is a low-key expression." Keep trying to find your simple life! "Why do we choose solid perfumes? 》 The liquid nature of perfume makes the use of preservatives inevitable. In addition, the fragrance of the perfume is volatile with alcohol, which is easy to be too rich and left in the space that has left. Moreover, it is easy to spray unevenly, and it is not easy to carry liquid. Solid perfume (balm), based on natural beeswax and vegetable wax, supplemented with petroleum jelly, even if the temperature changes with the weather, it is still presented in a solid dosage form because it does not require a preservative. The solid perfume (balm) does not contain alcohol, and the fragrance is volatilized through body temperature, so that the faint fragrance is slowly released, so that the fragrance becomes a beautiful company that accompanies itself but does not disturb others! note: 1. Non-food, please do not eat, and please place the product at a high place to avoid children eating by mistake 2. Suspend if the skin becomes red and itchy Shelf life: three years / Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight Origin: Taiwan (Designed & Made in Taiwan)


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