Hardcover 11 soap roses gift box dried flowers | Best choice for birthday and Valentine's Day | Taipei can pick up

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Valentine's Day Hardcover 11 Rose Soap Gift Box|


Hardcover 11 soap roses gift box dried flowers | Best choice for birthday and Valentine's Day | Taipei can pick up


Name | Hardcover 11 soap roses gift box Size | Approximate size with packaging (acrylic transparent cover): length 50 cm*width 23 cm*height 15 cm Description | Dry flower materials such as soap flower and gypsophila paniculata. │Notes│ . Domestic shipments will be delivered by dedicated personnel in Taipei. If the work is damaged or broken due to delivery, please take pictures immediately Contact the designer, please do not give negative reviews directly in the evaluation, let us assist you in subsequent changes. . Items are sent to protect the flowers and gifts are packed in cartons, if you pick them up at the store, you can also purchase transparent boxes and jelly bags. . The flowers are all natural plants, and the shape and color of each rose is different. If you are particular about the color of the flower, before placing an order Please be sure to ask us. . The flower rituals are all hand-made and taken from real products, and there is no guarantee that they will be exactly the same as in the picture. If there is a shortage of flower materials or flower conditions due to the season Not good, please trust the designer to replace the flower materials with professional aesthetics. If the number of colors needs to be adjusted, please discuss in private in advance, thank you. . The orders are hand-made in the store, and there is no spot. If there are urgent items or mass orders, please contact the designer privately. . Since dried flowers are fragile, it is normal for them to drop slightly during the delivery process. │Save method│ . Natural dried flowers are purely hand-made and can be stored well for 2-3 years. Different flowers will be affected by time, humidity and temperature and artificial Improper care, causing fading and peeling of leaves, petals, and fruits are normal phenomena. . Please try to avoid placing it in humid and direct sunlight, which will accelerate the time of fading and weathering. It is better to place it in a ventilated place. . Dry flowers do not need to be watered. If it is contaminated with dust, please clean it gently with a soft brush (brush or foundation brush). If you need customization or any questions, please use Pinkoi to contact the designer. Outlet: Yongchun Garden World Trade Center, No. 31, Section 2, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City Please read the notice of the design hall carefully before purchasing, and purchasing is deemed to agree to the rules of the store.


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