[Chopsticks X Sauce Dish Chopstick Holder] Super Sweet Sharing Gift Box (1 in Sauce Dish Chopstick Holder + 1 Pair of Chopsticks)

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The handmade chopstick rest "dish" and the selection of matching wooden chopsticks are meant to make gifts with profound meaning and good omen, and to integrate into life!


[Chopsticks X Sauce Dish Chopstick Holder] Super Sweet Sharing Gift Box (1 in Sauce Dish Chopstick Holder + 1 Pair of Chopsticks)


✨🎁Handmade pottery sauce plate chopstick holder optional 1 piece + a pair of wooden chopsticks=NT$320🎁✨ Cultural treasure-chopsticks and chopstick rest Since ancient times, because of the similar pronunciation, it has been associated with many auspicious words. Let the gift of chopsticks and chopstick rests become the first choice for wedding gifts. A handmade chopstick rest with a larger size than a normal chopstick rest is made of "dishes" that can hold chopsticks, knives, forks and spoons. It can also be extended to be used as an egg holder, sauce plate, dessert plate, so that the chopstick holder has more levels of practicality! It is inevitable to sort out the meaning of sending chopsticks and chopstick rests in common occasions: ♥️Send to those who have the target: Be in pairs and form a couple quickly. ♥️For those who have no object: find a good match quickly, sometimes the chopsticks will be matched with the chopstick rest set, "Chopstick rest. Get married soon", bless good sisters to find a good home soon. ♥️Send to married people: bless your marriage and give birth soon. ♥️Send elders: happy and longevity. ♥️Send to the teacher: Upright and not bent, selfless dedication and no return ♥️Send relatives and friends to move: Happy housewarming ♥️Send colleagues: on behalf of well-clothed and adequate food (because the rich people used to eat with chopsticks) ♥️Children's full moon: meaning to grow up soon ♥️Business gifts: I hope to maintain mutual assistance and cooperation with each other, one of the indispensable parties, cooperation and win-win When choosing wedding gifts and gifts for relatives and friends, consider this environmentally friendly and pleasing gift combination into your gift considerations! ※Please call to confirm the inventory quantity before placing an order ※Please inform the chopstick rest style in the order note or private message! (Wooden chopsticks are fixed styles, no selection is provided) / Choose 1 saucer chopstick rest/ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50754100823_d4fdd74c94_o.jpg ~~All items are handmade, so the specifications are approximate values, for reference only~~ / Maintenance method/ 1. Suitable for microwave oven (only for medium and low temperature). 2. Not suitable for ovens and dishwashers. 3. Avoid drastic temperature changes to prevent the porcelain from cracking, such as sudden filling of ice water in a hot bowl. 4. Do not use rough tools for scrubbing, collisions with hard objects may cause damage or scratches to the glaze. / Remarks/ 1. All handmade works are fired in a high-temperature kiln. Ice cracks, particles, and pores in the glaze are all natural kiln changes and can be used with peace of mind. 2. Color difference may occur due to shooting and different computer settings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. (This is the only one made by hand. The fine black spots and depressions of the finished product are natural phenomena caused by the production and firing. The exquisiteness cannot be compared with the mold process. If you don't mind, please buy it again.) 3. The merchandise sold does not contain decorative items. / Origin / Taiwan / Manufacturing method/ Handmade Firing Kiln: Electric Kiln 1230 degree high temperature firing


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