Sterling Silver Ring-Geometric/Natural Texture/Gradient

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This ring focuses on the performance of external light refraction, The progressive polishing technique will refract different light under the light.


Sterling Silver Ring-Geometric/Natural Texture/Gradient


This price is the price of one Everyone will have different personalities, all are individuals, We take this ring separately and make it separately, So each is a unique product. This ring focuses on the performance of external light refraction, The progressive polishing technique will refract different light under the light. It is more variable than the basic version of the full face, It is a ring that everyone can easily get started with. We will personally engrave our brand name on the inner circumference. Ring design concept. After a long period of pondering between the two, the self slowly showed the truest self in front of the other from the deepest (the thinner side of the ring after wearing the ring has a larger black range, and it slowly reaches the front. Smooth on both sides). Growing up with each other finally wiped out the original gloom, and radiated light, because of the love of each other, they showed themselves more confidently. In order to present the highest quality Each of our works, each one is made after repeated inspection and correction polishing, Never allow any sand holes and defects. And in order to make the luster and texture of silver jewelry different from others, Each piece has also been repeatedly forged, Make sure the texture is tough. Because the plating protective film has doubts about the health of the environment and the human body Will also affect the color of the silverware So I hope that without plating the protective film, It can keep the silverware the most beautiful luster, We spent more times on the details. If you have a chance, You just bought our work, You will find that his oxidation rate is relatively slow compared to most other silver products. And the gloss is also different. I look forward to finding your own unique jewelry here. *If the size of the finger circumference is not the same afterwards, you can send it back to us, and we will charge some labor costs to help you modify it. *If you need to re-polish and maintain afterwards, you only need to bear the part of the return mail. The above services are indefinite *If you need electroplating or laser engraving, you can contact us for the cost. Plating colors are /gold/rose gold/silver Material / Sterling Silver 925 silver 925 Packaging/1. With box 2. Jewelry bag 3. Wipe silver cloth 4. Warranty card Maintenance method / our products do not need special maintenance, there is no problem with taking a bath or doing anything, Normally, if you don't wear it, just clean it, dry it and put it in the clip bag we attached. Remember not to wear it when you take a hot spring. *Because of cost, if the size is larger than No.15, please ask us first, don't subscript first~ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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