Silver Ring - geometry / texture Nature / Fader

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Silver Ring - geometry / texture Nature / Fader


This price is a price Everyone will have a different personality, are individuals, We take this ring each individually manufactured separately, So each one is unique merchandise. This ring is to focus on the external manifestations of light refraction, Progressive polishing technique in the light refracts a different light. Vegan face off than basic models to changing some Is that we can easily get started rings. We will personally engraved with the inner circumference of our brand name. Ring design. Two people after a long time pondering each other, from the deepest self slowly in front of each other to show the most authentic self (relatively thin ring after wearing the black side of relatively large range, has been slowly to the front has a smooth both sides). Growth mutual finally wore off the original edges, and exudes a light, because the love of each other, are more confident of their own show. In order to present the highest quality Each of our works, each of which is repeated after checking with the amendments made by polishing, Never allow any sand holes and flaws. And in order to make silver shine and texture is different with others, Each piece has also been repeatedly forging knock, Ensure tough texture. Because the plating resist for the environment and human health will be above suspicion Also affect the color of silver So hopefully without state protection plating film, Allows to maintain the most beautiful silver sheen, We spent more time on the details of the above times. If you have a chance, You just buy our works, You'll find him in the oxidation rate with most other silver products is relatively slow compared to many. And different gloss. You can expect to find their own unique jewelry here. * After the size around the finger, if not, we can return some of the fee may be charged to help you make changes, * If there is a need to re-polishing after with care, as long as the burden can be stamped part. More service and unlimited period * If you need to contact plating or laser engraving can cost us. Plating color / gold / rose gold / silver Material / sterling 925 silver 925 Packing / 1. 2. The box is attached with a zipper jewelry silver polishing cloth bags 3. 4. Warranty Card Maintenance info / our products do not particularly care, with a bath or do anything, no problems, Just do not usually wear when cleaned after we put dry zipper bags can be attached, Do not wear like Hello I remember the hot springs. * Because of cost, size is greater than 15 International Circuit, please ask us first not subscript Oh ~ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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