Alarein / Handmade Silver / Western Wicked Series / Pendant / Shepherd

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NO: TWP-04 Pendant I "Shepherd" Front width I 7CM Front height I 4CM Silver I 950 sterling silver


Alarein / Handmade Silver / Western Wicked Series / Pendant / Shepherd


The ultimate wicked - the shepherd Alarein's first series was finally made. This pastor actually started to compose the picture from the beginning. But it’s always impossible to present a complete design in the brain. Is the guy who has been entangled for the longest time, But it is also the best finishing touch of this series. The shepherd is actually a civilian, ordinary people. She doesn't have a strong personality like all the previous ones. A person who seeks to be steady and just wants to live well. Therefore, how to be "flat, strong performance" It is the point I have been tangled all the time. The result of constant thinking, combined with my own living experience, I got a conclusion. "Inability is actually a sin" Because of the inability to resist, unable to change, Only use life, to stick to a safe and dead chance! In terms of styling, my mother-in-law’s time has been entangled for a long time. So if you think about it, you will accidentally become more and more full and full... First of all, the head of the sheep, of course, is the representative of the grazing The next rib and the coffin surrounded by it, Is to fully reflect that sentence "Use life and flesh, keep a chance to die!" There is still a bit too dark, but I think it is very direct! The coffin can be opened and closed with a limited amount of time, when not worn, She can be placed on the table as a frame of jewelry. The biggest intention of this is actually Irony anyone in life who can't break through! Behind the plain, but also I think The best ending in the turbulent times of the West. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////// Design concept I Inspiration Shepherd, Just like a ranch in the western world, Living a self-sufficient life, completely independent in the west. She does not want to manage all the disputes of warlords, tribes, and dignitaries. I want to be born here, and let everything end quietly here. Of course, she was forced to move around because of the pull of various forces. But anyway, she has her own flock, and it is good to come back to another grassland. She has a good friend who often comes to her, all with a snake. There seems to be a way to give her a lot of money every time. She doesn't mind, there is always a way to live anyway. Just "Is this really good?" Such an idea, when she was standing in the green and wide area, Always quietly silently drifting through her mind.


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