Santa Claus atmosphere light | Green | Exclusive custom Christmas gift with Christmas packaging

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Customized your name / black atmosphere light / multi-segment LED flash mode, simple assembly! We will meet you in New Taipei City at PM5:00 on 12/6-12/8, 2019! There will be a limited price on the spot! Come and feel the charm of our little stars!



Santa Claus atmosphere light | Green | Exclusive custom Christmas gift with Christmas packaging


Christmas time, the air is filled with joy. Through the intersection of lights and stars, open your own visual journey, close to the distance from the heart Every Christmas is coming, the atmosphere of family happiness is no more than the moment of exchanging gifts! In order to let everyone share the joy and warmth of the atmosphere~ 『墨分| Morefun』The well-designed Christmas lights make it easy to light up the atmosphere of joy and healing! Simple assembly 3 steps [children can also easily complete], small size does not take up space, easy to disassemble and can be stored. And the LED light has a multi-segment mode to adjust the atmosphere you want: romance, PARTY, joy! You can adjust as you like! **/Selection of sheet /** Ink points use special sheets to make the beginning of the design. The general plastic sheets are transparent and light-transparent. However, the specially embossed sheets are illuminated by light, and the light spots can form pentagrams. Or a colorful plaid, different embossing will show different radiance, there is a healing feeling! <<Bronzing lettering custom service>>**Additional purchase price of 80 yuan** Customize the English name and give it to your most special person. If it is ordered, it will take 7~10 working days. English should be within 10 words. [Customized lettering] Two fonts of grass / body, all have capitalization **/ Size /** 18cm in diameter and 19cm in height Quantity: 1 **/ Material /** Main body | special embossed sheet Lamppost | Wood + LED (speed / mode / color) Base | wood chips USB cable **/ Assembly method /** With instructions, simple three steps **/ Packaging /** Exquisite silver bubble bag is very IN! Gifts for your own use! **//Reminder//** The product is a hand-made lamp product, and the light bar has some hand-made glue traces. Non-quality is bad. If you mind, please consider first. Not returning the principle **About Morefun.lab | Make life more fun** **[About the word morefun | A life attitude]** The work of Mo Zi from the experience in life is also to think and understand the beauty brought by this world. Not just light. We believe that every detail of every appliance in life is due to different materials. And to create different life aesthetics and experience, from the choice of a variety of different materials, will continue to explore for more fun. I want to let the guests see the creations inspired by the healing of the temperature. Thank you also for your support of ink points.


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