Customized flower bouquet

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Customized bouquets can be used as birthday gifts, promotion gifts, performance flowers, bridal bouquets, welcome ideas to customize the bouquet, and welcome people who have no idea to discuss and convey their minds :)



Customized flower bouquet


【Product Information】 1. Material: You can choose one or two kinds of favorite flowers. Others are matched by floral artists, and you can choose color and theme. 2. Packing: Korean imported wrapping paper or own selected wrapping paper 3. Size: adjust according to demand 4. Quantity: 1 bundle 5. Attachment: The price of the customized bouquet is 2,000, and further discussion will be based on the amount of flowers and price adjustment. 【Precautions】 1. Plants grow differently and are made by hand. Each one will not be exactly the same. It is inevitable that there will be color difference. This is also the original intention of hand-made goods. Please think twice before the perfectionist makes a reservation. 2. If there is a shortage of market or the quality of the flower material is not good, please let illuminate match the suitable flower material for you, the overall shape and texture will not be changed without further notice. 3. The above products are slightly wrong in hand-made size, mainly based on actual products. 4. It is normal for the flower delivery process to fall. It is normal for the wrinkles of the wrapping paper to be normal. The illuminate will be properly packaged and the bouquet will be safely delivered to you. [shipment method] 1. According to the size and condition of the bouquet, choose the shipping method that suits you. [Maintenance method] 1. The flower storage period is about three to five days. The flowering period of each flower is also different. After receiving the bouquet, the package can be taken apart, the flower is inserted into the suitable flower, and the water pruning can be changed every day to prolong the life of the flower. Removing the dead flowers can also extend the life of other flowers. [after-sales processing] 1. Please read the above information carefully. The order also accepts and agrees, because the works are all handmade. If it is not acceptable for the above, please do not place an order, send and sell the personal factors (not in line with expectations, size is not suitable, etc.) will not be refunded. 2. If there is serious damage after receiving the flower ceremony, please submit it within 2 days of receiving the gift, and take photos and contact with illuminate, and return the processing according to the situation. After coordination between the two parties, if you need to return or repair Please return it within 5 days. The return shipping fee must be borne by the buyer. It will not be accepted after the time. 3. If you like illuminate's work, please give us a positive evaluation of 5 stars after receiving the product! These positive reviews are the driving force behind illuminate's continued efforts. Flowers are the best gift that nature sends us, and the medium to convey our minds, let the flowers blend into your life :) Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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