Japan KINTO KAKOMI rice cooker 1.2L / 2 colors

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The energy-saving simmering method of the rice cooker allows the heat to circulate naturally in the pot, and the rice grains are uniformly heated to easily cook the rice with elasticity and moisture.


Japan KINTO KAKOMI rice cooker 1.2L / 2 colors


**-New work from Japan's KINTO early 2017** **-Design by well-known designer Shibata Wenjiang** **-High thermal insulation characteristics** **-Special shape, let the heat circulate naturally in the pot** https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/900_01(n8).jpg **い つ も の ご は ん を ご 驰 走 に 仕 上 げ る** [KAKOMI earthenware pot / reunion, sharing with family] Earthen pot is an indispensable pot for every household in Japan. Unlike traditional clay pots, in addition to direct fire, KAKOMI can be applied to various stoves such as IH stoves, making reunion moments more relaxed. https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/w02_16(1).jpg Japanese KINTO specially invited designer Shibata Wenjiang to make the clay pot get rid of the traditional clunkiness and simplicity, and show the unique style with simple and neat lines. Whether it is used for stewing or cooking, its excellent insulation properties can be used to make the cooked food more delicious. https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/w02_08(1).jpg [About Designers-Shibata Wenjiang] Designer Shibata Wenjiang, founded DESIGN STUDIO S in 1994, focusing on industrial design. The design field is wide, from electronic products, daily groceries, medical appliances to restaurant space design, known for a wide range of delicate daily design styles. Many works have won design awards, such as the Daily Design Award (Japan), iF Design Award (Germany), Red dot design award (Germany), etc. https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/900_02(n9).jpg [Comfortable use in summer] Not only direct fire, but also can be used on a variety of induction heating stoves. Even in warm seasons, KAKOMI is used on the IH stove. [Applicable stoves] Various stoves such as gas stove, black crystal stove, IH stove, induction stove, halogen stove, microwave oven, oven, etc. https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/900_03(n8).jpg [Advantages of low water absorption] The water absorption rate indicates the degree of water penetration into the pot. KAKOMI has a very low water absorption rate, it is easy to keep clean and prevent odors from remaining. Despite cooking a pot full of spiced vegetables, there is no smell left after washing. https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/900_04(n6).jpg [High-tech / IH induction structure re-evolution] The bottom of the KAKOMI clay pot uses an innovative IH heating material, which has a smaller contact area than ordinary IH pots, reducing surface friction damage, but the effect of conducting thermal energy remains the same. The multi-layered structure at the bottom enables the earthen pot to be used in an induction cooker and protects the heating stoves to prevent uneven heating and abnormal overheating. https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/900_05(n22).jpg https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/900_08(n9).jpg [Cooking Recommendations-Take the attached measuring cup as an example] 1 cup of rice is about 150g, add 200ml of water, that is, 1 cup + 20ml of water to cook 2 cups of rice is about 300g, add 400ml of water, that is, 2 cups + 40ml of water to cook [Internal reference line pot] There is a water volume reference scale on the inside of the rice cooker. The bottom line is a 1-cup rice-water line and the top line is a 2--cup rice-water line. It can also be adjusted according to the type of rice and personal preference. https://wuz.com.tw/images/upload/Image/900_06(n5).jpg https://www.kinto.co.jp/upload/save_image/kakomi_w_pd_top_009.jpg 【Product specifications】 Material: heat-resistant porcelain, porcelain Dimensions: φ160 x H125 x W195 mm Capacity: 1.2L Origin: Malaysia


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