|| Cai Bi || Natural Rainbow Tourmaline Gemstone Brass Bracelet

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|| Cai Bi || The natural rainbow tourmaline sapphire brass bracelet is small and exquisite, conspicuous, with an extension chain to adjust the length and elasticity.


|| Cai Bi || Natural Rainbow Tourmaline Gemstone Brass Bracelet


[Cai Bi] Candy-colored natural rainbow tourmaline, cute little gorgeous, Eye-catching in casual manners. ♡ Energy: Full Chakra, Joy, Positive Energy, Health, Happiness ♡ Material: Natural Rainbow Tourmaline, Morganite (Beryl), Brass ♡ Giveaway * With clip chain bag for easy storage (buckets for goods over 1,000 yuan). :: Ordering Note * Please make sure to confirm your hand circumference with us after ordering to speed up the production progress. Please refer to the following "product size measurement method". Due to the different sizes, it may be necessary to increase or decrease the materials and accessories without changing the theme of the work design. For example, the shorter hand circumference will need to remove some matching beads, the longer hand circumference will add a few beads or accessories, etc. Therefore, it is also possible to charge a material fee. For actual wearing effects, please refer to the proportions shown in the wearing situation photos. * Each of the natural ore, wood beads, pearls and other materials we have selected has its own unique texture, color, and shape. Natural minerals or ice cracks are also part of natural creations. We will try to choose and make them for you to match the photos. The same level of beauty is presented, but it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% the same as the photos. I hope you understand and appreciate the unique personality and fate of each piece of jewelry. If you cannot accept it, please do not order it! * Product photos are taken under natural light, and there may be slight color differences due to different lighting conditions or computer / mobile phone screen settings. Please try to refer to the physical effect of each photo from different angles. We will not accept the return and exchange requirements regarding color difference. * Generally, the order can be produced and sent in about 1-3 working days (except for shortage of materials or special circumstances, it may take 7-10 days). If urgent, please specify first. If it cannot be completed before your expected time, we will Let me know first. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ :: Product size measurement method Use a cloth ruler or an easily-available soft wire, fit it around the protrusion of the wrist bone (measure the ankle joint on the ankle), and lay it flat and measure the length. We will use this data to calculate the actual size that suits you when you make it (please do not reserve the looseness gap yourself). For example, the elastic bracelet (+ 1-1.5cm) and the buckle bracelet (+ 1.5-2cm) will be slightly different. If it needs to be remade due to the wrong size measurement, you need to replace it at your own expense. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ::: Gift Wrapping * Please indicate to the relatives and friends. The gift can be directly packaged for free. The gift box is made of leather-colored carton (with thick velvet pads) and tied with hemp rope, as shown in the figure. * Free gift card writing, please specify in advance and provide text (Chinese, English, Japanese are available). -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ::customized Welcome letter to explain your needs and preferences, we can provide customized design products exclusive to you. Or you can make an appointment for constellation consultation and analysis. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ :: Service Provide free repair and re-stringing (by the way, maintenance, purification) twice within one year from the date of purchase of all goods. If there is a defect in the product, please inform it first. It can be replaced once for free if there is a spare material. If the material fee is required, it will be notified. Please take care to protect the product and send it back to us. The freight must be paid by yourself. We cannot guarantee the risk of loss or damage during delivery. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ :: Use and maintenance methods * For the natural ore purification method, please refer to the suggestions on the Internet. The easiest is to place it in sunlight (or full moon) for two hours. Before the goods are shipped, we will do an energy purification for you. * It is recommended to remove the jewelry before bathing or bathing in hot springs or seawater to avoid damage. * Sometimes the elastic thread is exposed or stuck due to partial curl. You can use both hands to gently adjust and smooth each bead on the bracelet several times. In most cases, you can restore smoothness. * When metal-containing products are not worn for a long time, it is recommended to store them in zipper bags to reduce oxidation. * It is normal for brass and pure silver to oxidize and turn black. You can wipe it with a silver cloth to restore its brightness. * Natural brass can be wiped with wet cotton cloth and lemon juice or vinegar until it is bright. If the product is a composite material, such as containing wood, natural pearls, etc., you need to avoid it. You can use cotton swabs or small toothbrushes to separate small areas.


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