Classic portable clothing fragrance spray 12ml / 5 into

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Small package of portable clothing spray, Can be thrown into the bag to carry around, Whether it’s glamorous today, Stil



meowxiang ショップへ

Classic portable clothing fragrance spray 12ml / 5 into


◆Product Description◆

Small package of portable clothing spray,
Can be thrown into the bag to carry around,
Whether it’s glamorous today,
Still want to be pretty and lively tomorrow,
Thinking about whether the day after tomorrow should be calm and restrained,
Can meet your mood change.

Taiwan's quality clothing fragrance products,
Give you an elegant and fresh life aesthetic,
The mildest ingredients and natural formula,
Packed in a boutique fragrance,
Overturned the image of the old clothing fragrance products.

Can be at any time,
Can also be sprayed in the air,
It can also be sprayed directly onto clothing, fabrics and sheets.
Just a light spray,
Let your favorite taste accompany you.

◆How to use ◆

Point the nozzle at the clothing to be sprayed,
It is recommended to spray on the cuffs and neckline.
Ability to maintain a scent for 3 to 5 hours,
It is recommended to spray once every place.
Try to avoid focusing on the same spot and spraying multiple times at close range.
So as not to cause stains or discoloration.

This product is no different from the perfume products sold on the market.
All can keep the body a pleasant fragrance!

◆Scent introduction ◆

With a fixed fragrance, you can't choose it, as described below.
Three neutral fragrances and two partial female fragrances.

♞M18 Grapefruit / Grapefruit
Top notes: lemon, citrus
Middle note: basil, clove
Base: Patchouli
This scent perfectly interprets the sweetness and aroma of grapefruit, as if in the afternoon of the holiday, the fresh grapefruit just taken out of the refrigerator is cut across the board, and every breath has a light and fresh fragrance.

♞M36 Sage / Wood Sage
Top note: sea salt
Middle note: sage
Base: Agarwood
The fresh, slightly sweet woody sage and sea salt have a mineral scent that blends together without the scent of a fascinating fragrance, but with excellent scent and lightness, and a self-deprecating style of wisdom and self-satisfaction. The scent is scattered in the air, fresh and incomparable, such as drinking alcohol, filled with the natural softness of the herbs, so leisurely.

♞M37 Blue Wind Bell / Wild BlueBell
Top notes: bluebell, persimmon
Middle notes: lily of the valley, rose
Base: Musk
Like a vibrant sapphire blooms in a lush woodland. The white rose is decorated with fragrance, and the sweet, juicy and delicious flavor of the persimmon is blended in the soft and crystal of the blooming lily and the blue wind chime. It is just like a shower, comfortable and clean, with a slight faintness. Sweet and scent, happy to be obsessed with this fragrance!

♞M49 Apricot Blossom / Nectarine Blosson
Top notes: apricot, black currant
Middle notes: honey, peach, honeysuckle
Base note: vetiver
Juicy apricots, black currant and the delicate morning of the spring garden blend with the sweetness of honey. The middle notes of honeysuckle and peach blossom, the base aroma of vetiver and honey, the layers of various flavors overlap the incredible fantasy and beautiful scent, and you must try the perfect aroma!

♞M61 Orange Leaf / Orange Leaves
Top note: bitter orange, orange flower
Middle notes: basil, bergamot
Base note: amber
Very soft and comfortable, charming girl's taste! Like in the garden, the sun-dried quilt is warm and comfortable. Like a cluster of beautiful and young girls' cheeks, a touch of elegance, no need for words, from time to time, the faint orange blossoms that float from time to time, continue this beautiful aftertaste, so that you are full of the purity of the girl and exudes the elegance of the woman!

Made in Taiwan handmade


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