Out-of-print .. Ashefa Ashefa Natural Mineral Rosary Bracelet Sky Mystery White Onyx Calm Energy Purified 24K Gold Pure Brass Fitting Hand-Made Double-Strap Bracelet Bracelet

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Ashi Fa. A shefa In recent meditations often go to a place. "I do not know the name, nor the direction, and as the



Out-of-print .. Ashefa Ashefa Natural Mineral Rosary Bracelet Sky Mystery White Onyx Calm Energy Purified 24K Gold Pure Brass Fitting Hand-Made Double-Strap Bracelet Bracelet


https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH0.jpg Ashi Fa. A shefa In recent meditations often go to a place. "Do not know the name, there is no direction, with the disappearance of consciousness that time, the mountain of clouds of secrets appeared. Like the floating holy mountain in Avatar, the immense pure white sea stretches for thousands of miles, burned up by the clear sky and sunk again, and kept tumbling over. Above the clouds, a huge mountain stands tall, with several ancient bridges hanging between the mountain and the mountain, as if guarded by a guarded array of heaven. Each peak has large and small ice blue spring pool, sending a faint cold light, and then divided into several trails gurgling down, as if full of energy network, the springs sent to all directions, to bring a pure Land of stability, Calm, and a steady stream of vitality. This totally purifying mysterious space has no name, only a whistling echo in the wind. ─ ─ Ashefa. Ashi Fa. " That's it, hoping to bring that mystery back to work that makes a real sense of touch and touch, and calls this series "Ashikatha." The main element of this work is white agate. Onyx has great negative stress characteristics such as stress, fatigue and turbidity. Onyx is one of the Buddhist Qibao and has been used as a protector of evil spirits since ancient times. And then dominated by "apatite" and "kyanite" dominated by inspiration, intuition and surpassing self-traits, both of which are gentle and powerful conductive objects that help to enhance supernatural power, make peace, bring peace, And a steady stream of energy. Ore characteristics: decontamination negative energy, relax, meditation, better ourselves and inspire. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ★ Any custom Alier design, are given: "Free Warranty." (Please see the details below) ★ orders are attached ─ 【Classic packaging】 "Collection tin box", "snow gray wool felt storage bag", "dustproof velvet bag", "brand card, warranty card", "German silver polishing cloth", "royal copper oil ★ Another optional - [Simple Packaging] "Collection tin", "Warranty card", "silver polishing cloth" Low-carbon version of the simple packaging, we will provide you "60 yuan discount shipping discount," If you want to adopt a simple package, simply enter the coupon when checkingout serial number: SimplePackaging1111111 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ● Material / Material Natural apatite, natural kyanite, white onyx, fine pure brass fittings, Japanese stretch yarn. Origin: Taiwan, handmade design https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH1.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH2.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH5.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH3.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH8.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH6.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH7.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/ASH/ASH4.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/TT.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/RR.jpg https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/CP.jpg ● use & care 1. Inadvertently contaminated stains, can be washed directly with water, and then to cloth dry. 2 natural ore resistance, natural mineral color, so there will be no fade or oxidation. 3. Alliye uses high-purity natural metals (pure brass, sterling silver), all of which will gradually oxidize after coming into contact with air, rain or sweat for a long time. Therefore, "the beach, bathing, swimming, exercise is best to" remove without wearing "", to maintain a shiny metallic luster. 4. Oxidized silver, you can use a silver polishing cloth gently wipe until the silver luster can be restored. 5. After the oxidation of brass can be used cotton stick stained copper oil, evenly spread on the brass pieces, and dry with a dry cloth several times, the cloth black to wipe effective, rub several times to restore light. https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/C1.jpg ● for you, service All of Alleys's designs have "free warranty three back" service. Your received artwork will be accompanied by a "Product Warranty Card." You may complete the warranty card by completing the Warranty Card if it has been accidentally broken, damaged, or needs to be resized, cleaned, lubricated, etc. in the course of wearing Works, tin box sent to us, we will be careful for you to deal with. So be sure to keep a good warranty card, a piece of work exclusive, just like your "work ID card." Warranty card + work + tin box = warranty service ● Crystal, ore needs to be purified People often describe the crystal as a natural sounding bowl, or memory carrier, to accept what magnetic field will resonate that frequency. This feature is also able to strengthen the positive magnetic field and maintain the stability of the wearing partner. But in the same way, if the crystal is exposed to too much negative energy, it will be changed in the long run, which indirectly affects the owner. At this time it is very necessary to properly let him rest, purify (degaussing), back to the natural state of nature. There are many ways of decontamination, where two decontamination methods are provided that are less needful for props, and are very convenient and enjoyable. 1. Daylight purification Zero cost but good weather. The crystal placed on a sunny windowsill, so that the warm sunshine, because the sun's energy is relatively strong, in fact, do not take too long, usually about 30 minutes. (But if it is gray cloudy, or the sun will increase or decrease purification time) But not the light is effective, it is recommended that you can imagine the principle of sunbathing, warm and comfortable like, you do not like dry sun drying sun, your crystal does not love. https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/SUNPURE.jpg 2. Spring, stream purification law Is the so-called "stone wash", nature has always been the best healer! To the natural environment when outing, in case of clear and comfortable creek crystal ore can be placed, gently rub, wash, let the spring wash dirt off the stone, while an endless stream of water away from the negative magnetic field energy will be To the natural balance. (Please pay attention to safety, do not choose difficult to access the water or magnificent waterfall!) This is also a very zero-cost purification, but also some more opportunities for yourself to walk in the mountains, purification of the crystal will also purify your body and soul. https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/CREEKPURE.jpg ● brand small strokes Seemingly ordinary natural ore, but show such an incredible beauty, as if a kind of mysterious power, contains, waiting for the release. Allied. A laya's mission is "Through the creation of natural ores combined with the soul and metalworking, the integration of earth energy into pure and concise portable accessories brings a deeper aesthetic of life." Move with time Life constantly faces a variety of ups and downs, always affect the inner peace. we believe A cup of tea, can dilute the disorder of mind. When savoring each bitter tea fragrance, it seems not to consciously suspend the entire world. As if a beautiful design, people can feel the beauty of life again. Through the hand temperature, delicate link each pure natural minerals, natural stone unique moist feeling meticulous energy. Let people find the spiritual peace, moment immersed in the natural atmosphere of Mu, return to pure happiness. Between the static and dynamic, understand life ─ ─ feel, Che, static, beautiful https://bemsbbb.my-life01.net/alaya/WOMEN.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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