[MAJORLIN]*New listing*Newsboy cap leather hand-made leather breathable comfortable texture fashion modified big face

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As a phantom mechanic officer, the designer attaches great importance to the product material and details, lightweight l



[MAJORLIN]*New listing*Newsboy cap leather hand-made leather breathable comfortable texture fashion modified big face


**[Having a good texture is a living attitude]** MAJORLIN Miao Zhelin is Taiwan's only leather hat brand, focusing on the development and design of high-texture hat, to create a year-round leather hat can wear. Each leather cap design has been at least one year from the leather material, color, lining material, breathability, comfort, the overall appearance and the most important version of the repeated recognition, intentions in every detail, so that each Wearing hats friends have their own unique style, works of small, but by the taste of people and entrepreneurs love, is the emphasis on texture, like classic unbeaten collection. Each hat is a classic design, without exaggerated decoration, only comfortable and durable, classic is the product after 30 years in addition to some traces of the use of more, all the same, not to mention popular, to be tested by time Valuable, is the classic. Because of its distinctive style and production on site, it has been selected as the demonstration counter for the first platform at the second terminal of Taoyuan Airport MRT Station. It is the favorite station for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Singapore, mainland China, Japan and Taiwan. Boutique. https://youtu.be/l2MWKwEy4Z4 Newspaper cap is a Newsboy cap, a kind of Flat cap, This newsboy hat is a narrow 8-style body style, compared with the general flat cap is more three-dimensional curvature. The use of discoloration oil wax cowhide leather surface, is made of advanced cowhide thin and light processing, Its own fiber 轫, durable; discoloration oil wax skin surface finish without too much processing, Skin more breathable and comfortable. Leather hat inside the specially designed check cotton fabric, thin, breathable, moisture absorption, Long-lasting wear; cotton inside and will not be generated because of static friction with the hair caused by hair loss and scalp discomfort. With a stylish uniform style or British style, the classic flirtatious with knit sweater, army jacket, tarpaulins even more personal taste, Size: M (56-57 cm), L (58-59 cm), XL (60-61 cm) 【Selection of the main hall cap If you are a goose face Congratulations, you are the best hat face Must have a section to come Only take the natural advantage of hat face Let the fur cap to enhance your personal image of personal taste. If you are a melon face Then you can control the hat style is also a lot Can be ordered though. If your face is more special, please refer to our suggestions "Cap models" The most handsome hat than the cap models Based on handsome military equipment If you wear a cotton cap material models hat Want to enhance their own taste Election military hat section on the right Slender face, cheek width does not exceed the width of the amount This face is able to control the cap section models "Flat hat section" Best show gentleman and taste than the flat hat models If you are an artist, photographer, architect, teacher Do not miss the intellectual and taste of the hat section Unless your face width is longer Otherwise, are able to control the flat hat section Put on a flat cap section so you can instantly become tasteful "Newsboy hat section" Feel the feeling of relaxation Some cheeks fleshy Or the face is shorter Newsboy hat is no doubt that your good friend Conceived from the British Newsboy hat section after several version changes Let MAJORLIN Newsboy hat class become a classic Suitable for all kinds of face wear Is a can with formal clothing can also be casual hat section "Baseball cap models" Worried about wearing a hat does not look good But want to have a texture of a windproof hat visor Worry about flat hat section and newspaper hat section to reverse your image in the eyes of friends too much Choose baseball cap money right Baseball cap is really a variety of face can manage No wonder baseball cap models and popular baseball around the world "Fisherman hat section" I want a relaxed feeling Want to shade Want a texture Face is more Founder Fisherman hat election on the right The best collection of fisherman hat section No matter where you go After taking off the hat he will be folded into the bag or pocket can be The longer the use of leather material Gui Hua Guanghua Can be with you for a long time [Leather hat cleaning and preservation] Leather hat often wear is the best way to save Do not wear when not wet on the closet Long-term storage first dehumidify and then put into breathable dust bag Ventilation is the best place to store fur caps Leather hat can not be washed washing machine wash Travel to the field when staying in the hotel You can use the hotel's small toothbrush soap Wash the inside and cap with water to clean Dry with a dry towel again Use hair dryer to blow dry far Or use the dehumidifier (Leather surface wipe like) Leather surface if there is a need to rub a little leather oil leather oil Or choose a natural lotion that can be used on leather https://youtu.be/E4SnluHcD8A https://youtu.be/8OdKxlO2wgU


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