Cat slave life proposal

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A new theme "Cat Slave Life Proposal" is launched for every minion, and a series of life utensils are designed for friends who also love cats. Cats lie down happily, and they can feel full after eating.


Cat slave life proposal


Five years ago, because of the neglect of the neighbors of the kiln factory, the Sanhua cats were fed and became our shop cats, which opened up our fate. Four years ago, a friend's toilet factory gave birth to a litter of kittens, helped share the feeding, compiled the last remaining black and white dairy cat, and began our cat slave life. This willful plan this year, combined with our cats and life experience, introduced a new theme "Cat Slave Life Proposal" for every minion, and designed a series of living utensils for friends who also love cats. We can greet you when we are full and our tails are high. We use the cute looks of cats and children to integrate into your life, because with them, we make our lives happier. **[Product Specifications]** Material: Porcelain size: Bowl Ø11.5 x H 6 cm Plate Ø20 x H 2.5 cm Small house soy sauce dish 9 x 8 x 2 cm Bow soy sauce dish 11 x 6.5 x 2 cm Firing at high temperature, his father Yu Yingge established Xiangxin Kiln to study glaze for nearly forty years. Products pass SGS inspection **[Product Portfolio]** **⊙Combination one** Contents: 2 bowls + 2 small house soy sauce dishes + 2 pairs of chopsticks **⊙ Combination 2** Contents: 2 bowls + 2 bow soy sauce dishes + 2 pairs of chopsticks **⊙Combination three** Contents: 2 bowls + 2 small house soy sauce dishes + 2 pairs of chopsticks + 1 plate **⊙Group 4** Contents: 2 bowls + 2 bow soy sauce plates + 2 pairs of chopsticks + 1 plate **⊙Combination Five** Contents: 2 small house soy sauce dishes + 2 pairs of chopsticks **⊙Group 6** Contents: 1 plate **⊙Combo Seven** Contents: 1 mug (Canvas bag) Order area **[Little story sharing]** When the cat slave's life proposal was planned to the final stage of the product, the female cat fed by the neighbor's uncle was born. When he asked the uncle, he could help find the kittens. If he didn't save them, they would stray. Fortunately, the female cat trusted the uncle, The children were born on the balcony of his house, and just like that, we took over the children. Sending essays on private Facebook, thank many friends for sharing. At present, the children have arrived in a new family. With the family who loves them, Letao will continue the love and save more homeless children. Every suit is so cute. It's really hard for her to be a painful female cat, and her homeless child can be so close. The five children each went to their new home, and helped the mother cat keep a child with her, and it was great to have a family who loved them. (2019.10.15 update) **[Remarks]** This product is original and does not provide customized services. **【Instructions】** Generally, the sponge can be cleaned. To prevent the surface of the ceramic product from being scratched, please avoid using hard materials such as high hardness and iron brushes to wash it. It is special for food utensils, and it is safe to release hot food. It is suitable for electric pots and microwave ovens. The father's nearly 40-year-old kiln factory, relying on the strength of the entire family, worked hard to carry on. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Yingge


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