Cats in the sweet-scented osmanthus wine


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  • [Cat] in the Osmanthus wine

    . Design / brand story.
    In addition to outside the mountain came to feel deep affection Hakka,
    In spring and autumn every household and always filled with fresh and rich fragrance,
    "After the front Lan Kwai 'interpretation of the rich layering of Hakka culture, the people voted in the sweet-scented osmanthus flower become Miaoli County.
    Simple Hakka women diligent use of readily available osmanthus developed a variety of food,
    A nostalgic taste evoke memories of the past, full of love for the homeland and emotion,
    Fortress expected to convey simple and elegant temperament good things] through [osmanthus products.

    . Product description.
    When ◎ distribute warm sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance bubbles out of breath, refreshing thirst-quenching summer brew; a cup of warm winter dispelling.
    ◎ Yu fusion of sweet malt aroma, taste afternoon tea experience happiness.
    ◎ use of this product for the German malt imported organic wheat and rice derived, melted after adding boiled with sugar and red Acura's top pure longan honey sweet-scented osmanthus fine fine pick of blending together. Handmade, retained the most primitive refreshing fragrance, beauty beauty, refreshing diastolic pressure.
    ◎ honey contains 50% to 80% fructose, glucose, without digestion directly absorbed by the body, plus sweet-scented osmanthus long hundred drugs, health drinks.
    ◎ can be modulated tea, black tea, green tea, coffee, Pao Niunai, lemon juice and other sweet-scented osmanthus.
    ◎ can be made sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice balls, sweet-scented osmanthus green bean soup, stewed pig, sweet-scented osmanthus lotus root.
    ◎ can be cold lettuce salad, Mi Taimu, tea jelly, jelly and so on.
    ◎ do strawberries, kiwi, etc. akumaki sauce.

    . Product specifications.
    Ingredients: sweet-scented osmanthus, honey, crystal sugar, organic malt
    Product specifications: single pot 460 grams ± 10 grams
    Shelf life: One year
    Date of manufacture: marked on the bottle (Year / Month / Day)
    Storage: put in the shade
    Usage: hot water directly brewing, nausea 2 to 3 minutes to let the aroma is released, along with osmanthus together drinking, shades depending on personal preference may be, the best coffee bubble osmanthus.
    Note: ➀ Use a clean utensil to dig. ➁ food products because of health factors to consider, in addition to defective products, do not accept returns
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    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Taiwan Miaoli
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    香港 (送料着払い)


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Cats in the sweet-scented osmanthus wine

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