OKi raw fresh meat bone cake - low fat Shu activity machine meat bone stick 13KG set

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The "low-fat, high-protein" Australian beef lean meat proportion is matched with the Japanese-imported pet-reduced fat-reducing herbal formula to reduce the body fat absorption of the dog and cat, and reduce the body fat ratio for a long time. Mi



OKi raw fresh meat bone cake - low fat Shu activity machine meat bone stick 13KG set


Dogs, cats and children can only eat "dry feed" and "canned"? The world-famous veterinarian Tom Lonsdale has done incisive research and experiments on the diet of dogs and cats. Dr. Tom initially observed many young dogs and cats who were treated in his clinic. Every day, he used "grain starch". The main dry food or canned processed food feeding is in the sorrow of the premature aging and chronic diseases, especially the exhaled odor, smashed gums, and full of dental caries. After being observed, studied and treated, and switched to a fresh diet, the oral and general health of the pet is quickly improved. 1. Their breath becomes sweet 2. The fur becomes bright and thick 3. The aging pet miraculously rejuvenates ★ The whole Taiwan sells 1 million popular items ★ More than three animal protein sources ★ More than ten kinds of fresh frozen vegetable purees ★ Five all-round healthy probiotics ★ Reassuring through the German TUV food safety test 【feature of product】 Generally, most weight-reducing foods mainly reduce calories and increase satiety. Most of them use high-fiber ingredients to fill the servings, or use the nutrition label "eye-blocking method" to mislead consumers (ex. fat content is reduced, but carbohydrate ratio Pull up to meet the basic demand for heat). We mainly use "low-fat, high-protein" Australian beef lean meat, combined with Japan's imported pet-reduced fat-reducing herbal formula, which can promote metabolism, reduce the absorption of excess fat and hoarding in dogs and cats, and maintain an ideal posture. Middle-aged dogs and cats who want to maintain health and posture are also suitable for enjoying! 【ingredient】 The highest proportion of Australian beef lean meat (CHUCKTENDER cucumber strip or KNUCKLE monk head), ground chicken bones, chicken breast cartilage (animal protein source accounts for about 90%). Carrots, pumpkins, apples, white radishes, beetroots, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, broccoli, colored bell peppers, green beans, peaches, and Qingjiang vegetables (about 9% of fruits and vegetables). New. Probiotics, Oregon grass, garlic, native freshwater cultured microalgae (replaces vitamin A, B, D, nucleotides and mineral nutrients provided by animal viscera) Japanese imported pet weight management herbal formula (health ingredients) The proportion is about 1%). 【Nutrition Label】 50 grams per serving (6 copies in this package) Water 73.09% Natural protein 14.81% Natural fat 6.6% Saturated fatty acid 3.2% Trans fatty acid 0% Carbohydrate 2.92% Total sugar 0% Calcium 247mg Phosphorus 181mg Calcium to phosphorus ratio 1:0.7 Ash 2.58% Taurine 21.7mg Heat 65.16 kcal [Applicable pet types, methods and other precautions] Applicable: young adult dogs (all puppies need to be born more than 40 days) Special recommendation: old dogs, overweight dogs, low-volume dogs and cats ※ This package is suitable for families of medium-sized dogs or multiple dogs and cats of more than 10 kg. ※If the storage method is improper, it has been obviously iced off or placed at room temperature for more than 30 minutes. Do not feed. ※ This product is made of fresh boned meat and grinded and filled. It has a high meat content and a balanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Therefore, if the defecation is dry or hard granules or powder, it is normal. Please feed the owner with peace of mind. Weight: 1KG / strip (13 in this set) Storage method: Please store it at -18 ° C or less and eat it within the shelf life. The meat stick after splitting the component is recommended to be preserved in plastic wrap or crisper. Shelf life: 12 months, please see the package label for the detailed date. [Meat stick recommended feeding amount] Convert each 1000 gram meat stick as a complete staple: 30 to 40 kg can be eaten for 1 day. 15 to 20 kg can be eaten for 2 to 2.5 days. 10 to 15 kg can be eaten for 3 days. Remarks: Although the price of this package is more economical, considering the number of days and freshness of food, it is recommended that small dogs buy 50 grams of packaging, which can reduce the risk of not being able to cut and cross-contamination. 【Delivery Method】 Free shipping on the black cat frozen house in the province. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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