OKi fresh meat bone cake - low-fat to enjoy thin balance meat bone stick 13KG suit set


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    The “low fat, high protein” Australian beef lean meat has the highest proportion of pet foods imported from Japan and is
  • Can dogs and cats only eat dry food and canned food?

    The world-famous veterinarian, Tom Lonsdale, has done brilliant researches and experiments on the diet of dogs and cats. Doctor Tom initially observed that many young dogs and cats attending his clinic had "grain starches" every day. Feeding mainly dry foods or canned processed foods are actually in the midst of agelessness and chronic illnesses, especially when they exhale odors, smash gums, and mouth full of decayed teeth.
    After observation, study and treatment, and switching to a fresh diet, the oral and systemic health of pets quickly improved.

    1. Their breaths become sweet 2. The skin becomes thick and thick 3. The aging pet miraculously rejuvenates

    ★ Taiwan's popular 1 million popular products
    ★ More than three sources of animal protein
    ★ More than ten fresh frozen fruit and vegetable purees
    ★ Five all-round health probiotics
    ★ Rest assured by TUV food safety inspection in Germany

    Most of the weight-reduced foods are mainly calorie-reducing and satiety-rich. Most of them use high-fibre ingredients to fill in the weight, or they use nutrient labeling to cover the consumers (ex. lower fat content, but the proportion of carbohydrates. Pull up to meet the basic needs of heat). We mainly use the "low-fat, high-protein" Australian beef lean percentage (CHUCK TENDER cucumber or KNUCKLE monk head), with a Japanese-imported pet-specific fat-reducing herbal formula, to reduce the "visceral absorption of fat accumulation" in dogs and cats. , Long-term reduction in the proportion of body fat, health enjoy thin. The middle-aged and old cats and cats who want to maintain their health and posture are also suitable for enjoying!

    Ingredients: The highest proportion of Australian lean meat (CHUCK TENDER cucumber or KNUCKLE monk head), grated chicken bone, chicken breast cartilage, egg yolk (animal protein sources account for about 90%). Carrots, squashes, apples, white radishes, beetroots, raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, broccoli, color bell peppers, green beans, peaches (about 9% of fruit and vegetables). New. Probiotics, Oregano, Garlic, Native Freshwater Culture Microalgae (replace vitamin A, B, D, nucleotide and mineral nutrition provided by the animal's internal organs)

    Nutritional labeling:
    50 grams per serving (20 sticks per stick)
    Moisture 73.09%
    Natural protein 1 4.81%
    Natural fat 6.6%
    Saturated fatty acid 3.2%
    Trans fatty acid 0%
    2.92% of carbohydrates
    Total sugar 0%
    Calcium 247mg
    Phosphorus 181mg
    Calcium to phosphorus ratio 1:0.7
    Ash 2.58%
    Taurine 21.7mg
    Heat 65.16 calories

    Applicable: Full-age obese dogs and cats (puppy cats need to be born for more than 40 days)

    Taimao child limited edition "fresh meat bone stick"
    This package contains 13 meat sticks
    Packaging is more environmentally friendly and space-saving, and the price is more economical.

    Weight: 1KG/bar (13 kits included in this kit)
    Applicable: Suitable for households of more than 10 kg of medium-sized dogs
    Shelf life: Frozen within 12 months after manufacturing date
    Expiry date: please refer to the packaging label
    Preservation method: The meat bone stick after dividing the component is recommended to use cling film or preservation box

    Meat bone stick recommended feeding amount:
    The conversion of each 1000g meat bone stick as a complete staple food quantity:
    30 to 40 kg can be eaten for 1 day.
    15 to 20 kg can be eaten for 2 to 2.5 days.
    10 to 15 kg can be eaten for 3 days.

    Note: Although this package is more economical, it is recommended that smaller dogs purchase 50 grams of packaging because of the number of days of eating and freshness. It is also possible to reduce the risk of not being able to eat once, and cutting and disposing of cross-contamination.

    Delivery Method:
    The province's black cat frozen delivery free shipping.
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OKi fresh meat bone cake - low-fat to enjoy thin balance meat bone stick 13KG suit set

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