[Skin Care Zero Burden] Rose Geranium - Organic Jojoba Body Lotion Wax (200ml)

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Geranium and juniper essential oil with Jojoba lotion wax to soothe skin pressure, promote skin's tight metabolism, no other chemical additions, make a natural body lotion, apply it all over the body after bathing, it is recommended to pour some amount


[Skin Care Zero Burden] Rose Geranium - Organic Jojoba Body Lotion Wax (200ml)


**◎ Capacity 200ml / size h13 cm / 1 piece cotton and linen bag / made in the USA** **[soothing metabolism] rose geranium jojoba lotion wax** Geranium essential oil balances moisture and soothes skin stress. Juniper essential oil helps to purify from the inside out, promotes skin's tight metabolism and reveals a charming slimming body. With golden yellow jojoba wax, it has excellent skin-friendly properties and is rich in various kinds. Vitamins, tiny wax molecules can quickly transfer nutrients to the bottom of the skin, leaving the skin healthy and radiant. ◎ Ingredients: Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Juniper Fruit Essential Oil, Jojoba Wax ✔ Applicable: Neutral muscle, oily muscle, postpartum ✘ Not applicable: infants, sensitive muscles, pregnancy, kidney disease ● If you feel unwell after use, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor. **[ how to use? Where is it used? ]** As in the case of body lotion, apply it all over the body after bathing. It is recommended to pour some amount onto the skin first, then use the hand to spread the lotion, and massage the body skin to completely absorb the skin and rub it on the face. (It is recommended to wipe the face with a small amount to avoid excessive nourishment to form small granules) **[ Designer reminder]** ● Please avoid direct sunlight. ● The maintenance item is not applicable to the seven-day appreciation period. ● Jojoba is liquid waxy, which will be solid at low temperatures, which is normal. ● The product is marked with Best Before. It is recommended to use it as soon as possible after opening. You can ask for the approval period by private message before subscripting. ● After opening the seal, the environment and time will affect the vitamins and essential oils, so that the color will become transparent. It is a natural phenomenon that does not affect the quality and can be used with confidence. **[ Services you may need)** ● The item should be sent to A and the invoice should be sent to B: **Please add the item https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Xf65Q5b9?category=5 shopping cart, and fill in the purchaser and recipient information in the checkout process. The museum will pass the post office. Registered to send invoices. ***(If you do not purchase the additional shipping cost, you will receive the "Post Office" letter, "Ping letter" can not track the letter delivery process, if there is a letter missing, the museum will not be replenished) *


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