Snow Nose Clip Wallet Phone Bag Gold Bag Crossbody Pouch Side Backpack Shoulder Backpack

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I just want to take my mobile phone, small change, paper money, card with you when you go out. This gold pouch has functions of long clip, mobile phone bag and coin purse. The leather strap is adjustable, and you can go out with it, just like walking in ro


Snow Nose Clip Wallet Phone Bag Gold Bag Crossbody Pouch Side Backpack Shoulder Backpack


Distant snow country A hand letter condensed in quotes After a long wait Toss Delivered to the other hand Handwritten letter is a lifestyle with temperature People in modern life How tearful it was to receive a rare handwritten letter **size** Bag: 21cm wide / 11.5cm high, cloth long clip Inner pocket: 4 compartments, large zipper pocket, 6 card slots Strap: Genuine Leather, 66 ~ 120cm, Shoulder, Side, Crossbody **Featured details** ❋ Soft and comfortable ❋Hand-stitched gold frame, 100% feel ❋ Colorful and colorful stitches, add**happy**elements ❋**fascinating**Japan bronzing snowflake prints 立体 Matcha green three-dimensional hypotenuse,**fresh**playful ❋Band represents the temperature of the land**sincere**and the**treasure of the writer** The inside is exquisite, so people feel good when they open the bag ~ ❋ bill. Change. Phone. Card invoice, storage compartment**glance** 拿 Hold your mobile phone and find money anytime, life is so**happy and beautiful** **Self-grinding leather strap** ✔ No chipping, adjustable length ✔ Extended backrest time ✔ Texture points Those who receive it feel**sincere** **light and soft**small cloth bag reduces the burden on the shoulders a lot It's time to show your**unique taste** There is also a hand strap for additional purchase → **Attention** ⁎The color of each computer and mobile phone screen display is different, please focus on the actual product. 花 The fabric inside the bag may be different due to the consumption of inventory. The designer will try to make tailors with similar patterns and styles. Those who are perfect, please place an order carefully. ⁎If you have any questions about our design products, please contact the designer. **Customized Service**| Customized Service ✎I like the fabrics and gold on the design bags of this museum. You can contact the designer through the station letter to make an inquiry. ✎Custom orders are made exclusively by designers and cannot be returned or exchanged. ✎If you cancel a custom order, you will permanently refuse the current account. **Other models**👉