Message Scented Candle-Elegant Lamb for Christmas Fun Series

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When the scented candle is no longer just a lighter, it adds new ideas such as artistic ornaments and custom postcards to make love and art easier to communicate. The designer carefully gives the work a story and meaning, and also describes the scented si


Message Scented Candle-Elegant Lamb for Christmas Fun Series


**Elegant lamb** An elegant little helper next to Santa ’s husband, “Elegant Lamb”, arrived. Among the friends, I like to look beautiful. I will look in the mirror about 100 times a day. The actions are elegant and gentle, but my strength is very high. I can raise a cow when I am angry. It's Christmas again! Colorful decorations can be seen everywhere on the street. Although it is cold in winter, is it that my heart is gradually jumping ?! Christmas is a symbol of love and sharing. This time, the four most powerful assistants will meet you with a special fragrance candle. Each of them will bring a gift with them at random, so whether it is exchanging gifts between friends, surprise the other half, or for yourself ^^ ★ Banniang also likes festivals, so the price is very favorable this time !! But because there are a lot of orders in private, so I have to limit the quantity, and I will stop when there is no stock ~ ★ This time, I carefully selected four fragrances for everyone to enjoy. I also celebrated the opening of the museum to send messages and don't increase the price. Quickly spread the Christmas atmosphere around with a customized solution !! ♥ ★ If you have urgent or other needs, please make good use of private messages. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- ▲ Product content: elegant lamb (fragrant essential oil / American cotton soy wax wick / dry flower / jewelry accessories), handmade special book box, post card ▲ Product weight: ▲ If you are buying for the first time, please take a moment to take a look at the introduction below to understand what a "scented candle!" ^^ ▲ Please choose a custom plan for your message. ▲ In order to maintain the quality of works, each design product is limited, and some are only unique! ▲ The Design Museum is newly established, and there are still many works that have not yet been released. Please wait patiently for your friends, and please pay attention to us first, you can know the new works first after they are released! ▲ At present, customized solutions such as handmade book boxes and customized message postcards do not require additional charges. I hope everyone can use the message scheme to convey the love in their hearts. ▲ Handmade book box: using Japanese imported packaging paper, not only handmade by the designer, but also super-textured, perfect gift giving !! ▲ Postcard: If you want to send a gift, you can use the "private message" to express the concern to the other party. We will make a special postcard and clip it into the mezzanine of the book box !! A story postcard of this work will be attached ^^) ▲ All the products are handmade, usually seven days production period (the designer must be very serious about making each product), but if you temporarily forget to buy a birthday gift to send to your girlfriend, you just see our products and need to rush to remedy it, Welcome to contact us about XD with private message -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- **★ The birth of the scented candle** **`` What is a message? ''** ◆ There are some things you can't tell beside you, want to talk with a stranger listener, and hope to have confidential space. ◆ Some love and concern want to express to someone, but feel that the communication software cannot express emotions. → Communicate the love and heart you want to express through**handmade art candles + post cards**by designers. **▲ Spring To Life's message candle selling concept "candle will become a drawstring, contact you and me"** **"Unique artwork created by designers with you"** The designer has carefully selected dry flowers and styling accessories with unique fragrances to create a variety of themed story candles. After buyers choose their favorite candle theme, they will provide exclusive "message content" according to the plan. The designer will make a unique storybook box and hide this warm letter that belongs only to you in the mezzanine of the story box. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- **★ Handmade story boxes and message letters** "Each message is a story, and the scented candles represent the theme of the story. We store these stories in a story box as a collection, turning the product into a work of art and a treasure worth remembering." ▲ The story box is handmade by the designer, and different story boxes are made according to the size of the candle. ▲ Wrapping paper is imported from Japan, with a perfect score for texture and intentions !! ▲ The story box adopts a sandwich design, and when you receive the product, you can tap the secret capsule! "Listen attentively to the voices in the distance, listen to the voices of the mind with your heart, and let the words tell you the true meaning of life." "Turn the words in your heart into words and deposit them with us, and we will send your love out." ▲ The letter is made of high-quality postcards !! The patterns can also be customized with the designer -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- **★ Artistic scented candle** It is not just a normal scented candle. It can be a cute and small decoration, soothing the mood as a scented bottle. After the light, the scent diffuses all around, blooming candlelight, feeling romance and hope! ● When designing each candle, the designer will give the theme and add the appropriate fragrance. Buyers can choose the products they like according to their needs or gifts. ● Each style of candle is a temperature that is not produced by hand-made machines, so even the same theme will not be exactly the same. Unique candles are unique for you! ▲ Using natural soybean wax made in the United States and adding French shea butter, the temperature of the melted wax solution is much lower than the commercially available paraffin candles, which is not hot and safe. ▲ Burning time is longer than paraffin, and it can improve the smell of smoke or musty in the house! ▲ Natural soy wax has high moisturizing, low burning point, and is easily absorbed by the skin. The wax can be used as a hand cream. ▲ Soy wax has a low ignition point, and the container can be washed with warm water and detergent for easy reuse! "Elegant floral fragrance, fresh mist, sexy temptation, each fragrance will take you into a different fantasy wonderland." ▲ The designer selects and blends a variety of fragrances, and there will be corresponding changes according to the theme of the essential oil blend. Sweet, elegant, gentle, neutral ... etc., provide as many fragrance options as possible. ● The designer visited various places carefully to choose matching and beautiful containers according to the theme. The containers are non-toxic and high temperature resistant. (PS. Please avoid burning directly for safety.) ● The container can be reused after washing with warm water and detergent! ● Dried flowers are made by the designer to choose new flower materials and dried. It is normal for the flowers to change to dry and yellow when left for a period of time. ● The designer carefully chooses the accessories that suit each theme, so that the scented candle can also become an artistic scent decoration in your home. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- **★ Product matters needing attention** ▲ The product photos are all taken in-kind, but due to the handmade and flower material forms, each product has a certain uniqueness, and the products cannot be guaranteed to be completely consistent. ▲ Dried flowers are relatively fragile. It will inevitably be bumped and slightly dropped during transportation. We will try our best to protect them properly. ▲ Dried flowers and accessories are fixed with soy wax, and no adhesive is added. Please use it with peace of mind! If the accessories fall during the shipping process, they can be stuck back. Please contact us after receiving the product And we will try to solve ▲ Please pull up the dried flowers and accessories before lighting, so as not to disturb the quality of the scented candle ▲ Because the candle has the characteristics of burning memory, please continue to burn for 1-2 hours during the first burning to completely liquefy the surface and avoid the occurrence of cave candles. ▲ Please pay attention at all times during burning, and place the candle on a heat-resistant and stable surface. ▲ Prevent the life of candles from being exhausted early due to high winds; keep away from flammable materials, pets and young children.


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