Summer Ocean Wind Series 18KGF-Starfish

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The transparent color gems are so beautiful ~~~ This time the pendant is a drip paint pendant imported from Japan. The design is also made of non-allergenic material with precision 18k gold plating. The shiny and bright luster can outline the gorgeousness of summer and the maintenance is also better than sterling silver Simple and not easy to oxidize In the



Summer Ocean Wind Series 18KGF-Starfish


"Gems Energy" ✨Orange chalcedony Orange chalcedony Agate Orange. Corresponds to the seabed wheel, adjusts female hormones, helps the reproductive system, can cure women's diseases, relieve menstrual pain, and reconcile blood gas. It is also effective for women with hormonal disorders in menopause. Eliminate negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred, doubt, and avoid evil. Strengthen personal courage and courage, remove unnecessary sense of superiority or inferiority, and help to understand yourself positively. Enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, make you look more radiant ✨Pearl There are many benefits of wearing pearls, mainly because the composition of pearls contains a large number of trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body, which can play an excellent health role and produce good health effects. At the same time wearing pearl jewelry can also play a role in massage health care. "Material" Material: Pure copper plated 18k gold * Orange jade with * pearl * 18k gold drop paint pendant imported from Japan "size" When placing an order, please provide the correct hand girth, skin-free hand girth without gaps for the designer to make (please do not reserve loose gaps by yourself) If your hand circumference is a special size, please write to inform us. * This product is "custom order", the production period is about 3-7 days, not including holidays (handmade jewelry cannot accept urgent items, please forgive me) ❖Customization note❖ ❶Wrist size: Please measure the actual wrist size, select the size of your wrist when ordering (note: not the total length of the player chain) ● Convenient measurement method can use the wire tightly around the wrist and measure the length of the wire. ● We will add 0.5-1.5 cm according to your hand circumference 👉Measure hand circumference method👈 Just take a tape measure around the wrist and you do n’t have to deliberately tighten or relax! ❖Other considerationsOthers❖ ● The color of the photo will be different depending on the computer screen. If you want to match the color of the photo, you can confirm the color number with the designer to prevent it from falling apart. ● Waterproof, but it is not recommended to wear a bath, shower dirt will accelerate the bracelet to become old ● Special order products will not provide return service if there is no special reason ● Please carefully measure the size of your wrist, if the size is not correct due to your own error, we still provide a replacement service, but you must pay for the return shipping fee ● If you have other urgent time requirements or other questions, you can write to discuss before placing the order! ● Natural stones will more or less have ice cracks, insignificant mineral deficiencies, slightly different bead sizes, etc. ● The photo will try to present the physical appearance, and there will be some errors due to the different camera angles. Please accept the re-transaction! ● The goods can be modified and adjusted according to the buyer's needs, and the modification fee will be charged according to the situation. Please discuss with me for details. ● Because everyone ’s computer monitor screen is different, some color difference is inevitable in online shopping, If you can not accept it, it is not recommended to order. ● Hand-made goods are entitled to free line change service once within half a year (the buyer can bear postage and return) ● Shipping time is within five working days after "payment", excluding holidays, please contact us if you have urgent needs. ● Natural stone jewelry will also have signs of years with the wearing status, such as the surface of the beads may become more foggy, not originally bright, it is worn, this is inevitable, and wearing a sterling silver and gold bracelet for a long time will also There are small signs of collision and wear, so please try not to knock it when you wear jewelry.


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