Blue light gray double-sided thick brush burr pleated neck neck small scarf

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Winter is coming~ Hey, have you ever had any experience in wearing a scarf without paying attention, accidentally being hooked back and pulling your neck back? The designer has been determined to be on the shelves for a few years! Warm and soft neck out or


Blue light gray double-sided thick brush burr pleated neck neck small scarf


[product design features] ◎ Select the thick double-sided bristles that are soft and skin-friendly and warm, and carefully made in two layers. ◎ No positive or negative points, suitable for girls of general size (the model in the photo is a standard model of 24 waists). ◎ Just put the head sleeve into the circle, adjust the outward pattern according to your preference, and gently pull to adjust the favorite cross wrinkles. ◎ Non-general plane folds one-piece stitching into a circle, specially designed with small twists and crosses. When wearing, in addition to beautiful cross wrinkles, it is more comfortable and not khaki. ◎ When wearing, cold up the neck to pull up to cover the cheeks to keep out the cold wind, hot to pull down, warm autumn and winter are suitable, casual and beautiful. ◎ No longer afraid of wearing a long scarf, the danger of holding your neck without paying attention to it~ →The designer once witnessed the girl's scarf in the back seat of the locomotive being wounded by the tire, and the girl was directly pulled off the locomotive~ ◎ Each piece of fabric is tested by running water and cleaned off excess fluff. ※※**plaid fabric is easy to have color difference**,**Each photo is the same neck**,**Photographed in different time light**,**Reference****~ ※**There are any questions or special care details**,**Please ask beforehand**,**then make an order action**! [Material and Washing] Thick double-sided brush ◎ It can be cleaned according to the general cloth products, or it can be put into the laundry bag to wash the washing machine. 【size】 ● It is not a general one-piece circle around the neck, so the actual length and width cannot be measured. ● The general head circumference can be nested. If your head circumference is bigger or fatter, you can be a message designer! (error is about 1~2cm) [Flower rabbit hand made the original intention and small 叮咛] ◎The handwork and the transmission of love are the original intention of the flower hand rabbit to start selling the hand works. ◎The sales income is used in the rabbits to feed and rescue the waves. ◎I wish to make the world a better place with the power of small bean sprouts~ ◎ Hand-stitched and stitched, there may be some imperfections. ◎Everyone has different screen settings, so the actual product and the screen display may have a slight color difference. ◎ Handmade, perfectionist for color and work, please think twice before buying. ◎On Saturdays and Sundays, the family day and materials procurement processing will be scheduled for one day, and will not be shipped (except for special orders). ◎ Part-time non-exempt orders, if there is a specified time limit arrival date, please confirm the order before the order, do not place the order directly, can not be matched with a reasonable meeting. ◎ Non-24 hours online, please contact us if you have any questions, wait patiently, and you will reply and deal with it in the first time!


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