[Customized] Japanese illustrator-like portrait painting portrait portrait card Valentine's Day

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This product is "order-to-order". After payment, it will take 7 ~ 10 business days from the moment the product is manufactured to the time it is shipped. (Excluding holidays) The design hall is exempt from business registration, no need to issue


[Customized] Japanese illustrator-like portrait painting portrait portrait card Valentine's Day


Not just for your own anniversary, for friends, lovers, parents, teachers, celebrities, etc. Make unique paintings for you ~ [Customized process] 1. Before placing an order, please use "Contact Designer" to send 1 ~ 3 clear photos with your needs. The photo suggests a half-length photo with no processing and clear hairstyles. * No pets currently painted 2. After the photo is OK, you can place an order and choose the delivery method. * The designer starts drawing after confirming the payment. The designer will notify the estimated shipping date before drawing. [Add frame area] If you want a picture frame, please place an order together at the following URL ~ https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/PAfAQRNz For more Q version, please go to ↓ https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/pwMCcEtB 3. Basically there is no drafting service, and we will arrange shipment for you as soon as possible after drawing. * You can also choose "Verify draft revision" (The "can confirm draft revision" version can be revised once, and the draft cannot be confirmed after revision) 4. Because the style of painting belongs to the Q version of illustration, it cannot be compared with the realistic style, but the basic similarity will still be retained. Please accept the order again. [Little Skip] 1. Try not to make your clothes all black, it will be very monotonous to draw. 2. The face needs to have clear facial features, and photos that are not processed through the Beauty App will look more like. * Slightly fat people can do without drawing their body (like the first picture) 3. You can pick and wear photos that look good. If you want to wear them together, please inform before drawing. 4. If it is difficult to text your favorite style, you can tell IG to let the designer refer to the drawing background. [Product Information] * Basic models: like picture 1, 2, monochrome background + pattern, name (short text can also be added) * Design: If you have requirements other than the basic one, you can choose the design (the effect is like the third one) Size: 10cm × 15cm (about the size of a postcard) Material: Paper (thickness about 0.5mm) Back of background: blank Medium: watercolor, colored pencil, stylus, colored pen Packaging: transparent OPP bag + white paper card + envelope bag (The envelope bag has five colors, the colors cannot be selected) 【other service】 Add person: one person +450 (no matter if it is a child) Add a name: Please tell the designer what to write before making it. * Designers are not accustomed to writing traditional Chinese characters. Massage suggests using English or Japanese. (Chinese can be translated into Japanese) * If you want to design a name, please choose the design version. * Each piece will be signed by the designer. If you don't want it, please inform before drawing. * Basically, there is a blank space (like the second picture) where you can write a little bit above the drawing position. Please tell if it is necessary before drawing. 【Precautions】 * This product is personally customized and cannot be cancelled, refunded or returned after the order is placed. * The price of this product is only the drawing fee, and does not include copyright and copyright. Therefore, the work must not be used as a logo, advertisement, profit project, etc. If you have any of the above or other purposes, please contact me, and I will quote another price for you, thank you for your cooperation! If you are not clear, you can ask the designer clearly ~


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