Robots hit version - the old keychain housekeeper - retro distraction KEYRING - pendant optional

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Full of distressed sense of the key ring, big ring in the bag to find out! Never worry if you can not find the key!



Robots hit version - the old keychain housekeeper - retro distraction KEYRING - pendant optional


Large key ring outer diameter size 7.8cm and 8.5cm! Choose when ordering 【Please refer to the size specifications, do not imagination! 】 This version is a robot version of the big key ring !! ◄ original large keychain ► (a set of $ 180) Robot struck! Old key housekeeper's key ring - Do not miss friends like robots! Robot A, B replenishment to ❤️ △ size: large ring diameter 7.8cm and 8.5cm (two ± 0.4cm), a small key ring diameter 2.2cm △ large ring can be opened, free to put, feel free to match, comes with 10 small key ring, after the receipt can be removed to adjust their own number. 【Text Description Color Edition】 **Charm: a robot strap (optional 1 to 3)** Please take a look at Figure 3-5 ⚠ Optional Charm: Please be sure to inform the Charm number before placing the order or on the order form. You can fill in the "Remarks" or "Contact Designer" when placing an order. (More than the time is not designated as designated by the designer with the ship) Each volume is very small, out of stock will be marked as soon as possible, some will not be replaced after out of stock, from time to time on the new, if you want to choose the repeat, and sometimes there will be only one left, first ask us safer! If you choose to out of stock, will be the first letter with the station 1, such as 3 days are not replied, will be a random change, fear of stocking must be asked in advance! thank you very much Small amount of strap, some out of stock, after the stock will not be filled, see the strap list, and contact the designer to confirm. "Every time a new or replenishment, fear of missing new information Welcome to pay attention to our fans! Search: MORIDORI [1/24 update] Latest cargo advice private letter designer check :) **Charm part of the description (number please control the product map):** -------------------------------------------------- ------ (Figure 3 area) [Couples / girlfriends limited] (the number of "two", a group does not sell, can be used in the same pen order with a different key ring) A Left / A Right | B Left / B Right T1 is a random mini tag (Figure 4 area) [English alphabet] A ~ Z (please indicate the English letters, so as not to overlap with the number) (Figure 5 area) (LAB: love and beloved, LLL: live laugh love, BIL: Believe in love.) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ** More than 4 Charm, can be more to buy, regardless of the size of a single 15 yuan, "plus purchase" who do not own orders in this product page, Please contact the designer to determine the purchase amount and the total amount, the designer will open a custom store you order, thank you very much! (If you have already purchased, you can also purchase a single strap ^^ Welcome to contact us) ** -------------------------------------------------- ------ (Reference) Remarks Fill example: "G2, constellation 4, letter C" ▲ Precautions ▲ Charm has single-sided, double-sided, due to a variety of ornaments not one by one label. If there is a special preference for more welcome letter to understand the next order! Size of the goods for the manual measurement, so there may be a small gap, a little strap itself thinner, more details, such as the cross, ps some style above a hole, the shipping buffer package, and will double-check, but still Have encountered the possibility of collision and fracture, mind who please do not order. Photos will also be different due to the screen and shooting light there will be a slight color, buyers consider it clear, to accept the purchase. Be sure to read the order before the library trade policy, due to the obligation to do so, the order will be deemed as consent policy. ♡ If you want to send a friend, handwritten small card can also be specially informed!


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