Mr. LiZSUNG handmade custom retro pearl bucket bag

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The first layer of leather handmade. Hand dyed. The combination of leather and pearls makes the bag very retro.


Mr. LiZSUNG handmade custom retro pearl bucket bag


Brand/Brand ◾栗子/LIZSUNG Product/Products Muggle Series Cherry Pearl Bucket Bag Green Weight/Weight ◾830g Material / Material bag cover / bottom North American red cherry wood body import vegetable tanned leather / pig skin inside Size/Size ◾!!2793593764.jpg Muggle series design inspiration You may belong to Gryffindor. You have the courage to hide in your heart and wait for an adventure. Maybe belong to Slytherin, make a sincere friend there, or realize your ambition. - "Leppert" The design of this season's series is inspired by the magical world of Lippot. The series is named "Muggle" and refers to ordinary people in the wizarding world who are not magical. Like us, like Aunt Petunia, who grew up with care and support. Want to learn magic but no talent, stupid and cute "Muggle." Maybe magic is a kind of protection and bondage, When we rely on magic, it is often the time when we are most helpless. But the world cannot be touched by magic, the Muggles are conquering. The entire series uses two color combinations: Gryffindor Red, which stands for bravery, determination, justice and the pursuit of truth, And on behalf of noble, ambitious, glorious and sincere Slytherin Green. It incorporates a simple wood material to express the bravery of the trio in the forest-ban adventure: Finding spiders, magical animal lessons, rescue Sirius..... The use of pearl elements softens the tough package design. Let the overall simplicity more than a retro elegance. Precautions/Notice ◾ The body is made of hand-made logs, and the wood has natural textures, tree ridges, etc. The color and pattern of each piece of wood are different. Please know. The pearl connecting rod is made of brass. If it is left for a long time, the oxidation reaction will darken. Please be careful when thinking about the pro. Leather defects: The first layer of leather is the skin of the top layer. The cow scratches during the life and is bitten by mosquitoes. It will produce marks on the skin. After the leather is processed, there will be traces of tiger markings. This is a natural wrinkle of cattle. It is a normal phenomenon. . The production process will try to avoid the big scars, mind carefully shot. Maintenance issues: Cowhide is a natural material, daily cleaning can be cleaned with a semi-dry cotton cloth to remove dust and dirt, until the leather naturally dry, avoid using a fire to dry or exposure to sunlight. To avoid sharp objects scratching and chemical contact, do not rely on dark denim and other clothing to avoid color migration. Bags must be cleaned and cured by professional maintenance agencies.!!2793593764.jpg!!2793593764.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in mainland China


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