[MINI COUNTRYMAN] exclusive hair temporary parking card number

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[MINI COUNTRYMAN] exclusive hair temporary parking card number


- Car Card little story - **<Pause back soon. >** We can not help but have a temporary stop of the experience of the car, fortunately, when to stop and be in line of sight of the place, not so good luck when to get off from that moment, whether you like me on tenterhooks car will not be in trouble or blocking access to others? Have temporary parking cards so that you more than peace of mind, make your car more than safe, but ... .. asking many market number plate like weight function lost taste, had selfish just to let all equipped car could catch on the texture of the body, even if not please move the car took the strange calls, is also a fine ornament! ____________________________________ __Golden Park Golden Garden the X-__cars card by designer a little careful line drawing, on the plane to show three-dimensional texture, laser engraving production is not afraid of the sun would warm as possible, with the magnet holder can be placed anywhere want to place the place, if you do not want people to know the number, as long as the card is removed from the magnet car seat is not afraid of the leakage of privacy. ____________________________________ **→ ← about our intentions** ❑ processing methods: large cutting range of the RF laser marking + ❑ front material: metallic hairline Edition ❑ back material: melamine-based carbon fiber material ❑ size: width 12cm; high 9cm; 0.5cm thickness ❑ use: It is recommended to use oil-based pen to fill in the phone can be reused within the borders carved good rubbing alcohol ❑ placed way: magnet seats everywhere can stick up to re-adsorption ❑ contents: MINI COUNTRYMAN car cards, magnets seat ____________________________________ __Exclusively for your customized services__ [Buy] customized your windows you can have a unique car card, gift or as a commemoration of the car and are very fit! Even made a special car card numbers or home decoration is very special and delicate heart-warming little things. We also enclose a self-administered windows, if the car opened substitutions do not worry, as long as the enclosed self-administered windows covered with sticky you can give it new life. [Windows] your customized portal → https://www.pinkoi.com/product/x3QqmzcX?category=5 ____________________________________ Origin / manufacturing methods Origin: Taiwan design: Taiwan


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