♦ ♦ polar bear animal series _NAKID SOCKS_ socks _ _ socks socks

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♦ ♦ polar bear animal series _NAKID SOCKS_ socks _ _ socks socks


"Polar bear" section Under global warming, caused by the impact of sharply ecological polar bears, arctic ice range continued to shrink in 2015, scientists have measured data, setting a 30-year record low. As the ice melts and reduction, polar bears hunting seals less and less ice. In the main source of food decreased, the polar bear hunt similar situation may become more extreme. Mitigation of global warming will become a mass movement, we can can afford to hand, can do start to start, for example: turning off lights, turn off the power, the use of recycled toilet paper, etc. ... all sorts of small potted plants, plants more than aerobics, cute pot also has a healing effect, keep well and rewarding. NAKID polar bear design on both sides in both cases subject to human influence, many tree bears → laugh / multi-felling → polar bear bitter. Let's green the world, starting with ourselves! → NTD. 400 Yuan → One color / gray → One Size / foot length: 23 ~ 26cm, socks high: 18cm → semi-combed cotton 70% nylon + 28% + 2% elastane → Wash: machine washable, hand wash, dry naturally, do not bleach, do not dry → in Taiwan ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ About NAKID →→→ Naked + Kid = NAKID Naked children have a pure heart, with infinite curiosity to explore the universe, with very abundant vitality challenges each day's adventures. Experience nature and life bit by bit, there are good, there can not be reached at this stage can not be reached on the future becomes the dream, NAKID believe the dream woven into a sock, put it down to earth and life, dream will be realized! ▲ original design NAKID by selling items are all original design, combined fabric design through graphic design to express Ziranhuanjing, cultural background of concern, not just socks daily necessities, it is more representative of your personality. ▲ Production Taiwan Taiwan full production, production, packaging, NAKID adhere to good quality. NAKID are each producing a small amount, for the pursuit of a unique child powder, fresh interesting choices; neutral design, so that people like colorful socks, regardless of both men and women wear. Socks material use to remove impurities, cleaner semi-combed cotton, as well as a comfortable Spandex elastic fiber, use 200-pin system Waji Taiwan, more generally commercially available 144-pin machine woven products, and 200-pin machine woven out of the socks more soft and comfortable, breathable, elastic better, more able to exhibit a pattern detailed patterns. ▲ Note: 1. personally chosen by each pair of socks packaged goods seized shipments NAKID team, a rare case of damage, but if received defective, please contact us immediately and photographed the goods, you make subsequent processing. 2. Because the underwear socks belong, therefore, based on health reasons, after the goods sold, unable to make the return service, inconvenience please forgive me. 3. Each computer Jie color, with a real product based, in case of doubt, please ask before buying carefully before purchase. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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