Dry Flower Bluetooth Speaker | Cat Paradise_ Opening Wedding Gift Valentine's Day Mother's Day Christmas

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The bluetooth speaker combined with dream dried flowers is no longer limited to a song like a dried flower music box. It has a high degree of freedom and chooses the music that you, your friends or partner likes in accordance with the current situation. Share your favorite music and watch together. The beautiful and dreamy scenery of dried flowers is protect


Dry Flower Bluetooth Speaker | Cat Paradise_ Opening Wedding Gift Valentine's Day Mother's Day Christmas


🌹 Full range of arch styles, look here➡ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/VQHjKvKj 📏 Size: Size: H16.5x12.5cm (dome) 🌹Product content: ❋ Double speakers ❋ Each comes with a USB cable and manual. ❋ Charge for 2 hours and play for 4~6 hours. ✅ Customer orders are welcome: You can provide the doll by yourself (fee-NT100), ❌We do not provide or purchase copyrighted cartoon character dolls. Please send the dolls to the studio. Please ask for the address by private messaging. 💝 We have the most intimate and safest packaging https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50192628097_7f7c810e96.jpg 🌏 We intimately provide beautiful and complete product packaging, but we sincerely invite you to do your part for a beautiful earth. Therefore, we send all the boxes we use clean second-hand cardboard boxes that have been sorted out~~❗❗If you mind, Please inform us by private message, no matter the size of the box, we will uniformly charge $200 to help you buy a new shipping carton, 🌿see Duo Duo, thank you for joining us to protect the environment and love the earth 💗 📢 If you want to see more styles, you can find "Dry Flower Bluetooth Speaker" in Facebook album, or refer to IG. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50938085188_8c6362250e_m.jpg ✈**Please pay attention to friends from Hong Kong and Macau**: 1. ⭕Hong Kong stipulates that Bluetooth can only send "personal address" and "smart cabinet", ❌do not fill in "company address", "shopping mall address" 2. Please be sure to leave "complete surname + first name" 3. Friends from Hong Kong and Macau also enjoy NT.1500 free shipping discount ⏰**How to save**: No need to water, because dried flowers and immortal flowers are placed in the glass cover, the shelf life can be extended, and dust can be avoided, just clean the glass cover. 🌹Introduction to immortal flowers: the flowers are re-dyed after being soaked in glycerin and preservation liquid. It is expensive and can be stored for about 3-5 years. 🌷Introduction of dried flowers: Most of the designers personally go to the flower market to select fresh flowers Dry flowers have the best quality and can be stored for about 1 year. 🚚**Logistics time**: Delivery time is about 1~2 days, shop to shop 2~3 days,**This time is not even vacation time, we do not guarantee** 🚚**Logistics**: Bouquets can only be delivered by "home delivery" or "self-pickup" 📆**working days**: Order button below each label Oh Jie Jie each item different number of working days Oh ~! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50938625391_01247a67d2_w.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50938734872_253e698f70_w.jpg ❗❗**Urgent order processing**: If it is considered an urgent order within the basic working days, please be polite to private message whether it is possible to accept the order. If you can accept the order, please use "Home Delivery" for the urgent order. You are also welcome to make an appointment at Banqiao Studio to pick it up! 💌**Free Greeting Cards**: If you want to request another greeting card, you can give one for free if you spend NT.1500, please refer to https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Ruuf62XX style. After placing the order, note "For the designer". 👐**100% handmade**: We make each product by hand, so the flower material, leaf material, shape... will be slightly different and cannot be "exactly the same." If the flower material is out of stock due to seasonality, we will keep it The color system and structure are the premise, and the content of the whole flower material will be adjusted slightly~. 📸**Color difference**: Every piece of our work is shot under "natural light" and has been as close to the original color as possible, but the resolution of each computer and photo is different, and it is inevitable that there will be a slight color difference with the actual product. 🚛**Delivery Status**: We will do our best to protect the integrity of each product's packaging. If there are any small leaves, small flowers, or shavings... it is normal and will not affect it. If the whole work is damaged during shipping, please use "Contact Designer" or "LINE, FB, IG" as soon as possible to contact! 🙏**Thank you very much**: Thank you for seeing here, if the above is really unacceptable, ❗❗I suggest you do not place an order ❗❗, thank you very much again for your love~ We are really looking forward to serving you Oh! [Other platforms, special customer orders] ❋ LINE🔎@4870n ❋ IG🔎Find flowers followflowers.eilin ❋ FB🔎Follow Flowers


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