Spot-mask cover / flat type / button anti-sliding design / soft and breathable-need to match medical mask

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The product only has a mask cover, it has no antibacterial and epidemic prevention function, and it needs to be used with a medical mask! Medical masks can be covered and used, and the cloth cover can be changed frequently to extend the use of masks, leaving resources to those in need at extraordinary times ~ Please pay special attention that the cloth cove


Spot-mask cover / flat type / button anti-sliding design / soft and breathable-need to match medical mask


The product only has a mask set, which needs to be used with a medical mask! Cover medical masks, change the cloth cover frequently, extend the use of masks, and leave resources to people in need at extraordinary times ~ Because the children in the family are worried about the children's movements, it is easy to slide, so I added buttons on both sides, I didn't expect the effect to be good ~ So I also widened the adult models slightly, nailed the matte buckle, more textured and fixed Okay ~ the cloth cover will not roll, nor will it reveal the mask inside! (But because the button is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, the price is slightly adjusted ~ the button is 135 yuan / piece) The soft and breathable hemp cotton material can't go back ~ So this time I tried to find more colors ~ In addition to the original gray and black models In addition, it adds a dark gray and dark blue Also consider that some industries or elders are not suitable for dark colors, so there are more light-colored models (Lighter and thinner, the kind that can see through, please refer to the second photo ~) In short, I hope there will be closer to everyone's needs ~ A softer and more translucent material than thin cotton cloth ~ (also wearing a sleep test ^^) It is more comfortable to use in the warming season ~ Each model is recommended for breathability ~ 【Material and color】 This time the colors are made of hemp cotton, but the thickness is slightly different Especially the light color is very very thin and transparent ~ there is no way to prevent a lot of saliva ~ but the anti-color makeup should be enough, mainly the thin and breathable material ~ can be worn comfortably for a long time ~ ※ Black, medium gray, dark blue: relatively lighter and thicker, but also very soft and breathable ※ Dark gray: The color is gray coffee with olive green, and it has a slight luster. It is difficult to describe and mysterious and attractive color ~ ※ Pink: It is brighter pink, the material is thin and transparent, and it will be slightly transparent ※ Beige: Very thin and translucent, but the texture is very soft and comfortable, you can see the color of the mask inside (please refer to the second photo) ※ Light pink orange: It is also very thin and transparent, but this powder is very beautiful ~ As long as it is equipped with a lighter mask ~~ ※ Military Green: Add a very unique military green, selfish love! (The last real photo of the picture) [Please pay special attention] The cloth cover has no anti-epidemic effect, only anti-dirty and washable, and the additional layer of cloth cover masks will also be discounted ~ Please consider it carefully They are all made by hand, and the size may have a few centimeters of error. ~ Hand-made non-machine production requirements are perfect, please do not place orders This time there are many colors, light colors are very thin, please read the material and color instructions first! Thank you! 【Use and maintenance methods】 Hand wash or place a laundry bag and then machine wash


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