Taipei Garden Hotel Flower Baggage Tag - Pink

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The Tiancheng Hotel Group has developed a cute and functional [baggage tag] with a lovely flower in the "Taipei Gar


Taipei Garden Hotel Flower Baggage Tag - Pink


In recent years, Tiancheng Hotel Group has been aiming at grouping and diversifying hotels. We hope that all guests will feel our intentions and changes, especially the "Taipei Garden Hotel Spokesperson - Flower Ratio" and "Misui Spring International Tourism Hotel Spokesperson - Pomelo For the sake of thinking, we have developed a cute and functional [baggage tag], with a lovely flower than / pomelo than travel, seriously accompany your carry-on baggage, and smile to meet you back! Three-dimensional shape anti-trip design Bright color recognition Internal 30x50mm paper card [Misui Spring International Tourism Hotel spokesperson - pomelo ratio] The pomelo has a small size and eyes, but it looks very sincere and lives in a green pomelo tree, like an elf. The pure look of watermelon rind is a cute sign, very considerate and lively, and loves to use local crops to cook, wheat flour fried muffins, boiled pumpkin soup, or fresh fruit. It is difficult to make a jam. In addition to cooking, he also likes to play with water and boating. The heartfruit is sometimes smaller than his own. [Taipei Garden Hotel Spokesperson - Flower Ratio] The bustling Taipei City, in this corner of the West End, has a rare tranquility. It is a paradise in the city. It is a flower-like home. It is elegant in the busy, quiet smile in the mouth, warm and affectionate. There is a girl's shyness, no sorrow, dancing with unique footsteps, every step is firm and confident, this gesture is more like a flower every day, as a restaurant, love her work, Looking at each passenger Check In is always happy, looking forward to, Check Out's hardship is full, such expression, always inject more enthusiasm for her. Product size: approx. 135 x 95 x 6 mm Product material: PVC soft rubber Precautions: ❤The color of the product will vary depending on the screen of the personal computer. Please refer to the actual spot. If the stock is insufficient, you can't place an order. Please leave a message. ❤ Appreciation period is not a trial period. If you buy the wrong size, specifications, patterns or any unsatisfactory points, please do not open it and contact us within 7 days after receiving the goods. 注意Return and exchange notices, within the "appreciation period" within seven days, keep the goods and packaging intact, can be returned. Only the "appreciation period" is not the "trial period", the goods are incomplete, or have been opened for use / trial, do not accept returns, please think twice before buying! In the event of force majeure such as natural disasters and man-made disasters, it is impossible to ship properly. Tiancheng Wenlv reserves the right to accept the final order or not! ❤All items are delivered in the standard package provided by the post office. International Shipping: In addition to the country where the store has set the freight rate, if it is other countries, you need to negotiate the freight, please leave a message.


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