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Wear it with you, help the cause, bring wealth, and recruit people.


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===== The total length of the necklace is 45cm, excluding the extension chain (about the length of the female short chain) ===== The extension chain can be added free of charge. (It is convenient to adjust the tightness of the bracelet by 1cm~4cm) Natural Stone Energy #钛晶(Rutilated quartz) Titanium crystals correspond to the sun gear, and Zhaozheng Cai also attracts wealth. It will help to expand the mind, expand the pattern, and be brave enough to accept the challenge. It will not always hesitate and cannot make up its mind. Suitable for people whose ears are too soft and whose heart is too soft to help stand firm. With the help of the business, the energy of titanium crystal is extremely powerful, so for friends who often need to make decisions or have careers, wearing titanium crystal can help make correct and wise decisions, and can also stimulate individual courage and pattern. Moreover, the titanium crystal can enhance the enthusiasm, recruiting noble people, and having the meaning of fierceness. Titanium crystal is also very strong in induction. It can be used as a talisman or a safety symbol. Especially, it is often necessary to work at night, or to enter some places with heavy turbidity, such as hospitals, wards, haunted houses, graveyards, special business places, Or in a colder place, wearing titanium crystal itself can prevent the interference of the spirit or make the gas field strengthen and not easily touch the negative energy. Hanging in the car is more effective in warding off evil. " Metal Material" 316L anti-allergic steel ::::: Steel Jewelry ::::: 1. It is non-rejective, non-allergic and non-deformable to human skin. High hardness, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance. 2. It has high-quality characteristics that it does not fade, is not easy to produce scratches, and does not cause allergies. Therefore, the maintenance is very simple, as long as the fine cotton cloth is wiped. 3. Rinse with warm water, gently wash with a fine cotton cloth dampened with a neutral detergent, and wipe it to dry after washing. 4. When you come into contact with perfumes, cosmetics, detergents, etc., use a soft soapy water, rinse with a soft brush, rinse with warm water, and dry with a soft cotton cloth. 5. If the steel rubs against each other, it will still produce scratches. If it is not worn, it is recommended that you store the jewelry individually in the jewelry storage box, or use the zipper bag to store in individual packaging, but you should avoid collision. "Product Purchase Notes" 1. The natural stone is processed according to the beauty. After the name of the natural stone, there is the word "natural stone processing optimization". We have professional inspection before purchasing natural stone. However, the fake technology in the market is constantly improving, we also try our best to check If the real natural stone with marked efficacy is found to have fraud problems, we will be fully responsible and have physical storefronts to make customers buy more peace of mind. 2. The purchase of natural stone ornaments can not all have the same color and crystallization. Each stone will be different. Some will have some ice cracks, no obvious mine defects, and the beads are slightly different in size. Please mind if you think about it. 3. Strictly select the sturdy and durable elastic thread. It will last for more than one year before it will become loose. Unless the external force is easy to break, please wear it with confidence. 4. Photographs are taken in kind, and there will be slight errors due to the angle relationship, light relationship, and brightness of the PC screen. 5. The goods will be sent out about 2-5 days after payment, excluding holidays. 6. Modomodo's bracelets, bracelets and necklaces are all provided with a warranty card. The warranty card products have a six-month warranty (please read the warranty information for other warranty information). "Additional Gift Box" https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1724/42664507851_a7cbfdc906_b.jpg Plus purchase link --> https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bxGTDx6M?category=8 Product After-sales Service In addition to receiving counterfeit goods, other reasons for returning goods are subject to "return shipping". (You can ask for a private message at this store. Or refer to the following "Contact Information" for a return.) Contact Information [ Facebook ] Modomodo jewelry design [ Instagram ] Modomodo2013 [ Official LINE ] @kes1267o (with @)


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