[Lost and find] natural stone star crystal manganese barium crystal cluster

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See the cute little stars formed by manganese ore in the transparent crystal Whenever you want to make a wish to the stars in the sky


[Lost and find] natural stone star crystal manganese barium crystal cluster


/about that product/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=H_fdUmdDyjI The crystal contains a black star anomaly formed by manganese and barium, so the star crystal is named. Manganese ore is a high-energy crystal, just like a famous lamp in the dark. It can bring light to life, and has powerful energy that makes wishes come true, just like making a wish to the stars in the sky, super romantic. And this star is complete and obvious. In terms of healing ability (as far as my personal practice is concerned), in contrast, some crystals send vibrations from the stones to the body. Instead, the star crystals let the body have a continuous warmth to heal the body and mind. Morphologically, there is a large pillar forming the crystal form of the Cathedral Lightbrary Crystal. The cathedral crystal is like a place where the intuition of inner awareness and pure intelligence are balanced. When this happens, the karma wheel can be activated, and the wisdom of the soul can be revealed in the accessible form of thought and understood by the mind. The columns of this size just spread out to form a flower shape, and the center is recessed. And the color changes a little under different light, it is yellower and whiter. Friends who like this stone also understand that the star crystal in the form of crystal clusters is really hard to find. First, the star crystal was originally a rare stone. Second, because a single small pillar is also very expensive. It is sold, so the complete one is really inaccessible. The original stone has not been polished to make a light plane. The lovely appearance is completely from nature itself. It is also suitable for meditation or table top ~ Star crystal is the designer's favorite natural stone! Guests like to check the detailed effect of crystal online. But in contrast to storytelling with thousands of words for each crystal, the shopkeeper believes his intuition, and his heart will choose for you what you need at this moment ~ You feel comfortable and happy, and the god of luck will be by your side . Fractured spar always gives people the feeling of inferiority, but sometimes they do not deliberately endure the flaws that others give to the crown, and bravely showing themselves will find that they have a different luster. The real thing is more beautiful! Really !! But please note that natural stone is a natural product, it cannot be 100% perfect! There must be some impurities and cracks. When the owner sees it, he will try to explain the detailed texture, but the friend who requires perfection really needs to think twice. [Origin] Hong Kong [Size] Stone about 4x6x5cm 【Precautions】 Gemstones are also natural, and it is impossible that each one is exactly the same, and there are occasional defects, of course, the owner will try to explain. Perfectionist friends should think twice before buying! / About Lost and find / 【brand introduction】 Lost and find, a story-based fashion and accessories brand. Each piece in the brand has its own "lost" and "finding" story. We hope to guide users to think and explore the little memories that they have forgotten in their lives through easy and fun methods. In the process, they are no longer simply the identity of the owner, but have a mutual frustration with our works, Master-servant vague relationship. Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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